3 Reasons to take the EPQ

It gives you an experience of writing at university level. I cannot explain the extent of how much the EPQ aided me when I got to university. The EPQ is 5000 words, which means 2000 word essays at university seemed easy. Moreover, I gained experience in referencing, which is extremely […]

A Letter to my Twelve Year Old Self

Dear Georgia, Everything will work out. These few years will be the most confusing of your life, as you haven’t found yourself yet. Don’t worry, as, in time, you will come into your own. I know it’s extremely hard to do, but let go of your worries and stop caring […]

Seminar Preparation Tips

Are you in first year and still trying to get to grips with preparing for your seminars? Or are you in second year and still trying to figure it out? If so, read below for some of my top tips.  Do your Work as Early as Possible  Taking your prepatory […]

Book Review: Atonement

TITLE: Atonement  AUTHOR:  Ian McEwan PUBLISHER: Jonathan Cape  AGE GROUP: 16+ (Explicit themes are discussed.) RATING:  5/5 Atonement is easily my favourite novel. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start reading postmodern fiction or explore the genre further. Ian McEwan is a master of crafting prose through language and structure […]

4 Ways to Destress and Unwind

Many young people lead busy lives and often forget to take time out of their daily routine to relax. Below are four simple ways to destress.  Reading  Reading can be an excellent way to destress and unwind. Becoming immersed into a fictional world means you can leave the stresses in […]

My First Year Experience: English Literature Degree

Georgia Dalton

Surprisingly, I found the first year of my English Literature degree easier than my whole two years of A-levels. I only had one exam at the end of first year that didn’t count towards my overall degree, whereas one thing I particularly despised about English Literature A-level specifically was how […]

Five Life Lessons that I’ve Learnt

Georgia Dalton

Over my nineteen years on this planet, I had gained some invaluable life advice through my own experiences. Hopefully, I gather even more in years to come. Prioritise yourself and those who love you! The main person that matters in your life is you. Prioritise yourself and your wellbeing above […]

Debunking 5 First Year University Myths

If you just picked up your A level results last week and are eagerly anticipating your first year at university, below are five common first year university myths, debunked. It’s a huge jump from A levels I didn’t find the jump between A levels and university difficult. I study English […]

Newcastle’s Two Best Cafés

Georgia Dalton

If you live in or around Newcastle or are thinking of visiting there and you have a sweet tooth, here are two amazing cafés that you need to go and try. Cake Stories Address: 12 Brentwood Avenue Jesmond Newcastle NE2 3DH Opening Hours: Monday to Friday – 9am to 9.30pm […]

Student Organisation Tips

Georgia Dalton

Starting university can be an overwhelming time, so below are some simple organisation tips, ranging from note taking to meal prepping, that I have found useful over my first year. Decide how you want to take notes from the start It is important from the offset of your degree that […]

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