Five Life Lessons that I’ve Learnt

Georgia Dalton

Over my nineteen years on this planet, I had gained some invaluable life advice through my own experiences. Hopefully, I gather even more in years to come.

Prioritise yourself and those who love you!

The main person that matters in your life is you. Prioritise yourself and your wellbeing above everything else. Now being settled at university, I know exactly who cares about me and would go out of their way to help me, so they are who I prioritise after myself.

Do what you love and never be ashamed of it.

Someone out there will always have something negative to say about you or what you’re doing, even if you don’t realise it. Therefore, what is the point in doing things to please others? You may as well do things that you enjoy and not be ashamed about it.

Be gentle on yourself.

We as humans tend to be quite harsh on ourselves in terms of achieving long term goals. I think it is extremely important to take a step back and think of the last year, reflecting on how much you have achieved. We often look forward too quickly and don’t take the time to be proud of our recent accomplishments.

Self-care is vital!

Self-care is so important! Drinking water, looking after your skin and spending time relaxing during a busy week are just some of the ways that can reduce your stress massively. It’s such a simple element of your life that can be the first to be cut off your daily list, as it’s not considered as important as other things. It is so important to include it on your to-do list as it can be a vital step to contentment.

Set goals and aim high, but celebrate little wins.

Having goals and ambitions is so important, as it drives you to work harder in your life. Aim high and reach for things you didn’t think were possible, as it’s only you that is stopping yourself from achieving your dreams. However, it’s also important to celebrate little wins, too. You’ve just finished a piece of coursework? Go and celebrate, even if it isn’t one of your long term goals.

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