4 Ways to Destress and Unwind

Many young people lead busy lives and often forget to take time out of their daily routine to relax. Below are four simple ways to destress. 


Reading can be an excellent way to destress and unwind. Becoming immersed into a fictional world means you can leave the stresses in your life for a short, or a long, while. If you aren’t an avid reader, try reading some shorter fiction; Edgar Allen Poe or Alice Munro are good places. 


Just going on a short walk if you don’t consider yourself as sporty can be so beneficial. Getting fresh air into your lungs can improve your mindset for that day dramatically; walking also lets you take a short time to relax and just concentrate on the task itself, letting you forget your to-do list for a while. 

Taking time for your hobbies 

Spending time on a hobby you enjoy, whether it’s drawing, listening to music or watching films, means that firstly you relax, and after a while, it will fit in your daily routine like it was always there.

Take a long relaxing bath, or have a pamper night

Self-care is key in helping you to relax. Spending time in the bath to completely relax is important and personally, I don’t do it enough. Spending time painting your nails or applying a face mask can be a lovely treat, but if you enjoy it, you should do it more often, making it part of your routine to chill out.

2 thoughts on “4 Ways to Destress and Unwind

  1. You hit my 4 main ones! I love this. My absolutely favorite is curling up with a good crime/true crime show 💖

  2. You’ve mentioned pretty much all of my favourites! Curling up with a book is one of my favourite ways to unwind – I also love a good binge session on a TV show but I’ve found sometimes if I’m feeling anxious reading is better because I find I can only focus on one thing. Sometimes when I’m watching a TV show it’s easier for my mind to wander and I end up overthinking things, but with reading I find it easier to focus purely on the book rather than my anxiety! 🙂

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