Three Things I Wished I Had Known Before Starting University

Thinking about the academic aspect of university before you start your lectures and seminars can be extremely daunting. Here are the three main things I wish I had known before starting my degree, for any one who is about to start theirs.

It’s overwhelming 

You’re aloud to feel overwhelmed when you start university; it’s a huge change from A levels. I thought I was the only one that felt overwhelmed, but as always, after talking to other people I realised I certainly wasn’t. 

You aren’t thrown straight into the deep end 

I was anxious when I first started my English Literature degree that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the reading for multiple modules. However, soon after I started my degree I realised that there is communication between tutors; one week where I had to read a heavy text for one module, there would be a lighter text for another. 

You are supported

The concept of self-motivation at university and studying by yourself, especially for English degrees, which have less contact hours than other subjects, was extremely prevalent in talks and materials I was given whilst applying to university. However, when I started my course I was pleasantly surprised at how much support was available, whether that’s support for disabilities or illnesses or simply the plethora of resources available to allow you to develop as a student.  

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  1. Great article! Hopefully someone going will find this helpful and not feel so anxious!

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