Things OCD Sufferers Want You to Know

Amy Jackson

While it’s not something I bandy about 24/7, this past year I’ve been much more open about my OCD. However, one thing I’ve noticed is that despite being honest about my mental illness, there’s still some heavy stigma around it, along with those cliché responses that we all know and […]

My Uni Reality

This is a post I wrote back in February when I was overcoming a horrid spell of feeling very low. I wanted to share this intimate post on here because, it’s the reality of a university experience for some. It was my reality and it may be yours. Having made […]

Dear Fourteen Year Old Me…

*Please be advised this post contains some curse words* When I first started writing, I spent a while looking for content ideas. One of the suggestions that came up on multiple occasions was to write a letter to your younger self. It was something I instantly vetoed. Mainly because I’ve […]

5 Healthy Sleep Habits

Do you struggle with healthy sleep? Do you find yourself waking up feeling tired? Or possibly, you just can’t fall asleep at night? I am currently struggling to find healthy sleep, so I felt compelled to write a post about healthy sleep habits. Since I am walking this journey myself, […]

Why FAT is not a feeling.

How many time’s have you looked at yourself in the mirror, or prodded yourself, or finished a meal and thought ‘God, I feel FAT‘? Too many! BUT in anorexia recovery I’ve learned a key component to reversing how I feel and what I say to myself; FAT is NOT a feeling!

Flat Hunting: The Survival Guide

So it is time to move… Sooner or later, everyone will need to move out at some point. Whether you have been living at home with your parents or you were staying in student accommodations. Flat hunting can feel never-ending, frustrating and impossible at times. Here is an easy little […]

Emetophobia and My Relationship with Food

Warning: You may find this post triggering if you suffer with emetophobia.  I have emetophobia. If you’re not sure what that is, it’s the fear of vomiting and seeing others be sick. Now, before I hear you cry “but no one likes being sick!” let me inform you that it’s […]

The Impact of Diet Culture.

What is the impact of diet culture on modern society and our ability to enjoy food? In light of Weight Watcher’s latest attempt to induct our children into weight-loss culture, I figured there was no time like the present to discuss the impact of toxic diet culture. As a society, […]

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