Keeping Drink Safe… No Spiking

This summer, one of the scariest things happened for me as a parent. My daughter got her drink spiked. Luckily she was with her best friend & her friend knew her well enough to actually know something was wrong & got her home safe & sound! It is one of […]

What Is Happiness?

“Happiness is a choice, and a very difficult one,” a phrase that I repeat every day. For a very long time, I didn’t understand how to maintain the feeling of happiness, and that would, in turn, worsen my mood. This continued for a long stretch of time, until I took […]

How To Conquer Fresher’s Nerves.

Gayleen Hodson

The start of university is perhaps one of the most nerve-wracking time of your life. Even if you are excited to get out there, meet new people, study and become more independent, you will still be nervous. Fresher’s week is the pivotal moment of university. You are suddenly launched from […]

My story isn’t over yet.

Cheryl Gomery

Sometimes life doesn’t treat as you hoped it would and it can be overwhelming. Waiting for exam results, having to decide what’s next, big changes such as moving, starting or losing a job, or even just that feeling that you are not good enough as you haven’t managed to achieve […]

Let’s Get Physical!

Yasmine Shaban

“Get your workout done and you’ll feel so much better afterwards!” We’ve all heard this phrase before, haven’t we? International studies and research has shown that this phrase is actually VERY accurate. However, more often than not, we associate physical activity and exercise with how we look. As a result, we make […]

Fancy a Coffee?

Yasmine Shaban

Coffee is everywhere! Every corner you turn there’s a new pretty coffee shop, a Starbucks, a Costa, or a Pret. Not to mention the choice of actual coffees we have now, different styles, different milks, different flavour syrups to add! I mean, how do you even decide?! A year ago […]

Results Day

Results day is fast approaching. For some more than others. Let’s be honest. We are stressed or worried. Worried that we may not have achieved the grades that we want and stressed because we fear what we may have to go through to get the desired grade. That is probably […]

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