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02 May 2019 0 comments

Student-centric platform, MyNeedToLive has teamed up with Big Youth Group to launch a new non-profit website with the aim to support students in multiple aspects of everyday life.

The newly launched website called MyNeedToLive. will provide an opportunity for students to receive guidance and counselling on a wide variety of subjects. From career and educational assistance to personal well-being and lifestyle, MyNeedToLive encompasses a wide range of amenities for students to benefit from.

Jack Parsons, CEO of Big Youth Group says: despite the challenges in the world for students, many young people feel optimistic about the future and want to be inspired, empowered and supported in their everyday lives, teaming up with MyNeedToLive team gives young people a platform to do just that in such a meaningful way.

Through this new website, students will be able to explore multiple career paths and get relevant information from credible blogs, articles and links. However, the vision behind this initiative goes far beyond professional success of students.

With the ethos of ‘Purpose before profit’, MyNeedToLive is a free, non-profit website dedicated to making a difference. The slogan is a direct representation of the main goals of the website and what it has set out to achieve.

MyNeedToLive is recruiting over 200 social media Everyday Role Models (previously known as social media influencers) to create content that will help support students in all aspects of their life. This unique model will ensure that millions of people will have access to up to date information and services.

Created for the betterment of students and education as a whole, this unique website is a commendable initiative that can bring real change to the lives of students all over the country.

For more information please contact David Brannan:

(From left to right: Jack Parsons-CEO Big Youth Group, Hannah Goodwin- Administrator NeedToLive, Megan Owens- Director Of Operations NeedToLive)

About NeedToLive

NeedToLive is a student-centred ecommerce platform that connects students to exciting new discounts, products, bundles and educational assistance. True to their ethos, NeedToLive contributes a percentage to student-led initiatives and educational bodies for every purchase made on the platform.


About MyNeedToLive

My NeedToLive is set up to support students throughout their journey in education. It is a safe place to gather impartial information and advice and guidance on a wide variety of subjects and offers answers to questions many students face. With information on careers and employability, education, finance, day to day living and well-being, visitors can get assistance via blogs, articles and links to relevant professional organisations. Now MyNeedToLive is taking their vision to the next level with a website dedicated to helping students achieve their goals while maintaining a perfectly balanced lifestyle. For this, they have partnered with Big Youth Group to bring an all-in-one solution led by students for students.


About Big Youth Group

Big Youth Group is a platform for young people to create, work and live more meaning lives. It’s marketplace enables young people to be better leaders, learn the art of business faster, access essential advice and support and build their own personal brands. Big Youth Group also develops tangible tools that enable young people to search out purposeful professional opportunities or gain confidence to start up on their own.


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