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Of course, it’s best to have a clear budget to see you through the month. But if the bills are mounting, don’t miss out. Here are a few ideas for what to do when money is tight, but you still want to hang out with your mates.

Join Meetup

join meetup
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MeetUp is an incredible resource for free events. Whatever your interests or hobbies – be it reading, filmmaking, knitting, doing yoga or speaking French – you can find a MeetUp group to suit you. In this way, you can still have a fun night out without spending a dime. You might even pick up some new skills, expand your network or discover a new hobby!

Go to Galleries/Museums

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There are lots of galleries and museums with free entry, or discounted student prices. Take advantage of these for a relaxed day out with friends at reasonable price. Check out the Art Pass site to search discounted events near you. Enjoy a calm, cultural day out with friends and take advantage of the huge array of unparalleled art and history on display across the UK.

Movie Nights In

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What could be better than a big bowl of popcorn and a movie? Host a bunch of your friends and you have an instant night of socialising without spending too much – just the cost of snacks! And of course, you can always get friends to pitch in. take turns hosting, and even make the nights themed. With a simple Netflixsubscription, or taking advantage of Amazon’s 6-month free student Prime subscription, you can get access to tonnes of movies on demand.

Board Games/Card Games

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In a similar vein to movie nights, board games and card games may seem traditional but can be a whole lot of fun. No need to bring out the old monopoly set if that isn’t your thing – take a look at this list of more unusual games you might never have heard of. Lots of these will accommodate a whole group of players, so why not invite your friends around and make a night of it?

Group Dinners

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Taking turns to host a dinner can add up to a few very affordable nights of socialising. Enjoy meaningful conversations over a home-cooked meal and save yourself the price tag of a meal out in town. Or, order in on the cheap with some great deals online from Student Money Saver and Hungry House. Either way, you can use your creativity and make for unique nights you and your friends will never forget.


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There are lots of great walking paths throughout the UK. If nature is your thing, why not take up your hiking boots and explore? Take a look at Walking Britain for great suggestions of scenic pathways near you. Or keep it urban, and take up some free walking tours in your city. Find free walking tours in LondonEdinburghand Manchester, for example!


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When the weather is nice, it’s a shame to stay indoors. Get your friends together for a picnic in a park. You can all contribute to the food and share in the fun. Find parks across your city, set up your space and even incorporate games or sports if you feel.

Free and Discounted Events

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If you want something more exciting but without the hefty price tag, there are always deals to be found. If you’re looking for last minute fun activities, check out GroupOn, or Funzing for quirky activities hosted by locals.


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Do something good for the community and volunteer your time. You could do this with friends too, and share in a unique experience working for those less fortunate. Find a volunteering opportunity that sparks your interest on Do-It. It’s a great way to give back, socialise, meet new people and even add to your skills, all at once.

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