To My Beautiful Daughter- Uni Moving Day

So when we wake up it will be time… this is what we as parents; work towards, these are one of the defining moments of us and our babies working towards that day where our offspring have achieved enough to actually go to university.  It should be something to celebrate, […]

Nine things to do before University.

Arrange your accommodation, most first year students opt to stay in halls, which are on campus and are an easy way to get to meet different people. Halls now offer various types of accommodation including a mixture of catered & self catering, quiet & social as well as mixed gendered […]

Keeping Drink Safe… No Spiking

This summer, one of the scariest things happened for me as a parent. My daughter got her drink spiked. Luckily she was with her best friend & her friend knew her well enough to actually know something was wrong & got her home safe & sound! It is one of […]

My story isn’t over yet.

Cheryl Gomery

Sometimes life doesn’t treat as you hoped it would and it can be overwhelming. Waiting for exam results, having to decide what’s next, big changes such as moving, starting or losing a job, or even just that feeling that you are not good enough as you haven’t managed to achieve […]

University bound?

Cheryl Gomery

So it’s the summer, you have done your exams & applied to university, you have the summer to essentially work/save/have fun with family & friends, especially if you are university bound. Whilst you have may or may not have received offers, the fact is moving to university is probably going […]

Coming out

Cheryl Gomery

So it seems the summer months seem peppered with rainbow colours, flags, clothes & even some extraordinary make up looks. Exeter pride kicks off early in the first weeks of May, however there are still events all over the world to celebrate what is now known as ‘pride’. The rainbow […]

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