5 Critical Moments


Natasha Macfarlane

24 February 2021 2 comments

I think that in.. life, there are these really important moments. These moments play a part in shaping you, your personality,  and/or your path in life. These moments can be small. Just tiny little pieces to the puzzle of life. They can be huge and life-changing as well. They can be anything.

I got to thinking about my life. What shaped me? What changed me? If these moments didn`t happen, would my life be any different?

Now, I am also working on NOT dwelling on the past, but rather accepting it, and letting go of the emotions attached to it. Understanding that I can`t do anything about it, and all I can control is the present, and my choices going forward into my future.

While I think all moments in life are important, and of course help to make us who we are, I do believe there are some bigger pieces to it.

So I have taken this space to reflect on mine, and have found it quite therapeutic. Maybe it is an exercise you might like to try also.

First One: When I was 4 years old, I received the news that my dad was going to move back in at home. I can’t remember how long he had been gone, but I do remember how much I missed him, and how much my heart ached for him to be there with me. I never truly understood everything, of course, I was just little. I remember the day like it was yesterday. My brother and I were swimming in a small little pool on a hot sunny day. My mom told us the news and I immediately jumped out of the pool and began running around screaming in delight. I remember saying out loud… this is the best day of my life.

Second: My brother left home when I was 10 years old. He was 15. I always looked up to him so much, but I wouldn`t go as far as to say we were close. I longed to be though. I always sought his attention and acceptance. I so badly wanted him to like me, and care about me, and be the that big brother you see in the movies. He left when I was 10 and left me on my own. There were no good-byes, no I love you`s and definitely no see you soon. Nothing. Just out of my life, and left me to realise how little I meant, and how easily disposable I was. This left me longing for acceptance, love, and validation. I wanted to be good enough for somebody.

Third: My first love. At the time, I thought that it was real. I thought I was so lucky to have found my person at such a young age. I was 16, though he had made it clear since Grade 2 how much he liked me. But, this is not a fairy tale story. As each day passed, I became less me, and more of what I felt was expected of me. Going into high school I was a straight-A student and was always found in the library learning something, and had a wonderful relationship with my parents. Not even two months in, I was in a downward spiral. My marks were suffering, and I could not even talk to my parents. I was in a very dark place, and the only person who was there was him. I wish I would have realised that I was worthy on my own, but that came with age and experience. I did things that I KNEW were not okay, but just couldn`t stop. I went to school drunk, I went home drunk, and high. I changed. I lost all my friends, and I was all alone. All I had, was him. I didn`t see this at the time, and I felt like I was doing what any good girlfriend would do. I was doing what I felt was expected. This love of course ended, but not for a few years. At 19, I began to find my voice. Slowly but surely I began to make it more and more clear that I just didn`t want all this in my life. At this point, we lived together, and our house became a party house. Gone were the days of reading by the window, or writing in the park. I was an absolute mess. I was beginning to fear for my life. We finally broke up right before Canada Day (July 1st). I was broken. I felt like I was nothing. Now, I really had nobody. Sadly, I really did try to get him back, which I now feel so stupid about, but I can`t go back and change it. This entire relationship changed my whole being. From being pressured into sex, to being told I should wear shorter skirts, I completely lost everything I ever thought I was and was left on my own to figure it all out. I don`t blame him for anything. We were kids just doing the best we could. Doing what we thought was a good idea. But, these moments, we life-defining moments for me.

Four: Losing my Grandma. I was almost 16 when she passed away suddenly, and she was my best friend. Up until this point, I had never lost anyone to death. I was broken. I began imagining what it would be like to die. I began to wonder if I could see her again if I died. I was hurting so much, I couldn`t function. I cut classes and did everything I could to numb the pain. I was a ghost for a very long time. I think this is when the severe depression hit me. I should have opened up more and gotten help. I just didn`t know.

Five: When my daughter was born. My then-boyfriend, now husband, was there, which I know you are probably thinking, well of course, but no. At first, there was no dad or partner for support. My son came into this world by my strength and my mom’s love, and that was it. So, when our daughter was born, and he was there, holding my hand, wiping my forehead, and telling me I could do it, it changed the way I felt completely. I had never felt supported and loved so unconditionally before my husband. It was the first time I saw a baby in their daddys` arms and I remember just sobbing, I felt so many emotions. At this point, I knew I was worthy of love, but that I also needed to love myself too. I no longer sought validation, because I simply didn`t need it. This was somebody who just went through hell with me, and kissed my sweaty gross forehead and told me how amazing I was. I knew at this point, my first love didn`t love. This was. And throughout the years, he has been my biggest, and sometimes the only cheerleader in life. He looks at me like I am a goddess, even when I have an awful cold and feel gross. He supports me through every single moment in life. I tell him sometimes, wow I am so lucky to have met you. And he always says, no, I was so lucky to meet you and Kayden (my son).

There are of course other moments that are huge in my life and other times that have meant so much to me. But, these are moments that were a part of shaping the person I am today. I learned hard lessons, that carried me through until the next lesson presented itself.

What are your big moments? What shaped you?

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Love Always, N

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2 thoughts on “5 Critical Moments

  1. Cheryl Gomery

    Wow this one caught me off guard and I had a tear in my eye for your braveness and being able to share what sounds like massive life changing events,

    I always think, my body is a map of where I have been, every line, mark, stretch mark, scar.. but it’s those indentations on your heart and soul who make you who you are, thank you for sharing your story ????

  2. Gayleen Hodson says:

    This is wonderful. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason!

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