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Great stuff! I got so much value from my internship during Uni, arguably much more than my degree did in terms of industry exposure and hands-on experience.

Commented on / How to prepare your future career during College

Loved it! Agree on the running, I always come back from a run feeling refreshed and recharged.

Commented on / Re-Energising on the run, life as an introvert

Nice! Learning how to cook a good meal saved me SO MUCH money over the course of my Uni years.

Commented on / Learning to cook

Great article Georgia! I wish I had known these things in my first year

Commented on / Debunking 5 First Year University Myths

Great Post! Thanks for sharing Brittan

Commented on / 6 Ways to Feel More Financially Confident

Totally agree...thanks for the comment Cheryl!

Commented on / Graduation… Now What?

I have struggled with tips in the past, great tips!

Commented on / 10 Proven Sleep Tips To Help You Rest

Interesting, I will definitely be adding some of these to my diet.

Commented on / 5 Foods To Boost Your Brain

Great story, LinkedIn can be a super powerful tool if used in the right way...I know people that got headhunted straight from the platform!

Commented on / How LinkedIn Started My Career

Thanks for sharing your story Meg! I think for graduates straight out of Uni there is a lot of pressure on us to be eager and work as hard as we can. Sometimes even if it comes at a great cost to our personal life.

Commented on / I Quit My Job…

Great Tips, being an international student I really struggled at the beginning! Finding great friends can definitely help make the student experience much more enjoyable.

Commented on / How to Make Friends in College

Nice article Caterina! Having gone through a fair deal of exams myself during Uni I know how stressful they can be.

Commented on / Do’s and Don’ts – Exam style

Good read! I think budgeting is the foundation of personal finance and it is very important to get it right

Commented on / Budgeting for the Beginner

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