How Blogging Has Helped Me Grow Personally & Professionally

Paul Madassery

The benefits of blogging

I have started my website The Financial Chronicles a few months ago now. I am glad I made the first step and I will share a few ways that blogging helped me for the better, both in a personal and a professional way.


This may seem obvious, but behind every blog post goes a lot of time spend coming up with post ideas, researching the topic that you chose, thinking about the layout of the article and how it will be structured. Needless to say, it takes time and effort. My interest in personal finances has been the reason why I kept doing what I do without getting tired of it. Coming up for blog ideas and writing has pushed me to explore many topics that I had not really researched before, I learnt a lot both my writing my own article but also by reading the articles of other fellow bloggers that I follow.

Managing my time

Now that I graduated and I have a full-time job it became clear to me that juggling many commitments is really tough. We all have the same amount of hours in a day because of this, it is down to us to make the most out of them. Personally, writing blog posts for other companies and having set deadlines taught me discipline and organisation.

Become more professional

I started treating my blog as a real business. Therefore you need to market it, grow it and spend hours and hours on it. I started interacting with other people in this sphere building my business network. It takes a lot of commitment to be able to do this but I hope it will all be worth it one day! As any other business venture you cannot expect to get something in return if you don’t invest time and money into it, similarly you need to keep learning and try to become better at delivering your services. In my case this means staying informed with regards to personal finance, blogging techniques and online marketing. In addition to that, I got more comfortable with meetings, e-mails and communicating in professional settings.

Become more confident

Starting a blog means putting yourself out there, for everyone to see. Clearly, this can be a very daunting process, sharing your writing with other people can be very intimidating. Starting a blog made me more comfortable with showcasing my work, and promoting it to other people. As a result, I learnt to put myself in unfamiliar situation and put myself out there.

Become more employable

When interviewing for a job, employers are looking to employ a well-rounded candidate. Someone that has a life also outside of work. I think that blogging has made me more appealing in the job market. I can demonstrate a set of skills that are highly sought-after from companies such as time-management, attention to detail and business mindset.

Final words

Blogging has definitely given me a lot, personally and professionally. While it is not my intention to turn it into a full-time career, I am happy for the opportunities that presented along the way and I am glad I decided to publish my content and start writing about topics that I am passionate about.

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