Is University a Waste of Time?


Paul Madassery

23 October 2019 1 comments

We often hear about billionaire drop-outs and self-made business magnates and how they were able to create empires without the need for formal education and University degrees. Is this true? And why does University get such a bad reputation? In this article I will go over some of my thoughts about University, its importance, and whether it is really necessary to have a degree in order to “succeed” in life.

It’s about the skills

Some of the common arguments against University is that the knowledge you acquire whilst at Uni will not be useful when out in the workplace. I think this depends on what you decide to study at Uni, sure maybe studying a History Degree may not teach you things that are readily employable in the workplace. Personally, I think that a Degree gives a whole range of skills that go beyond the Degree Subject. Regardless of what you study, University will teach you how to work in teams, it will teach you how to manage your time and be independent in your studies. You will learn how to be critical while also developing an inquisitive mind. These are all skills that are sought after in today’s job marketplace and will put you in good lights when meeting employers.

Unlock those graduate job opportunities

It is sad to say but some jobs just aren’t available to those that are not have a University Degree (or two!). Some professions like Lawyers and Doctors are the first that come to mind, for these jobs you need to have a Degree and often multiple! But there are many other roles that require a University education. I am in the Finance industry for example, in many organisations in order to land an entry-level role you will have to possess a University Degree. Unfortunately having a degree can sometimes be a box to tick if you want to have access to some types of jobs.

Grow your network

One of the great things about University is its social aspect. Halls, Course-mates, Sports Clubs, Societies, the opportunities for having fun at Uni are endless. During Uni years you will make loads of friends and meet many interesting people. Once you finish your studies these people will most likely start their careers and their different paths, all those friends you made at Uni will become part of your professional network which can be extremely valuable throughout your career.

Final words

I am glad I went to Uni and I am confident that I would not be where I am now had I chosen not to get a Degree. With that said I do not think a degree is a ticket to success, you need to work hard during your studies and after in order to prove what you are worth.

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One thought on “Is University a Waste of Time?

  1. While I don’t regret going to university as such, I feel as though I should have thought more carefully about my course choice – the course was changed at the last minute so that we never got the placement we were promised and I feel it really impacted my job prospects in the field later on!

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