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Great tips!! I struggle with staying asleep sometimes, and find that often my mind goes too fast and I can`t relax. I`m going to try a few of these! Thankyou!

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Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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Those are great ideas! Reading makes me so tired, so I will definitely be trying that! Thanks for reading!!

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Great post! I was finding I was getting overwhelmed very often and began to make lists! Whatever doesn't get done today, goes on my list for tomorrow. I find it easier to see that I am making progress on everything I want to get done because I can cross things off. It keeps me from getting overwhelmed. I really love the point of being organised also. I can not function if my house is a mess or just unorganised. Great post and excellent tips!

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This is very powerful. I also live with BiPolar and you described it perfectly. It is so tough, and we really never know what to expect. Thank you for being so brave to share this. The world needs to hear this.

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