Tents & Campfires

I was hesitant to try camping. For years.

I mean, why would I want to sleep in a tent outside, when I can sleep inside my warm house in my bed?

My husband always loved camping, so eventually, I agreed to try it.

While our first camping experience was definitely full of a lot of learning, and A LOT of laughter as we tried to figure it all out (with a 3 month old baby), I was HOOKED!

Over the years we`ve acquired a nice camping gear selection, and our camping has become quite comfortable.

My love for it though, stems from my love of the outdoors and nature. I love the reminder that there is something greater than me, and my illness, and that beauty can be found everywhere.

My illness takes so many things from me that hold so much beauty and passion, and I can not ever feel these things. When I camp, all is calm. Life moves so much slower, and everything is so much more quiet. Therefore, my mind quiets and slows right down.

My anxiety is no longer knocking on my door, and my bipolar moods are a lot more stable. Camping is the only time I feel content, and at peace.

Camping, for me, is like putting a pause on my illness and allowing me to actually be me, and to learn what and who I am.

How do you enjoy your summers? Do you have a favourite thing to do? Do you love camping too?

Love Always N

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