How to arrange a low cost wedding?

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As we know most things, that cost, are sadly a struggle for most low income families. Personally for Anth and myself, we struggled to afford to get married for many years, to the point it took us booking 5 times to finally tie the knot. But then we have noticed this did not just affect ourselves but many couples we know.

In this post I’m going to give our tips on how we finally tie the knot and kept the costs low.


We did our ceremony at Cambridge registry office. This was hard for me, as I would of loved it to be in a church. But that is at least double the money of a registry office.


Sadly people did not wish to decorate the hall with me in the morning, and as the hall would of cost double if we booked the hall for the night to ensure it is decorated the way I would of liked it. But instead I made a board with multiple photos of people who are important to us.

13 years I have been with this wonderful man, 14 from October. Many people say how, as it is rare for a young family to…

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These are so easy to make yourself. With my sisters help we managed to make sweet cones, we filled these with haribo’s that where Ā£1 a bag and a few other sweets. The sweet cones we got from Ebay. These were placed on reception tables ready for each guest.


We did a carvery for the sit down meal. This made it easier on costs and making sure everyone had what they would like. The evening was a cold buffet with mixture of food. Both of these were gifts as we requested instead of gifts our guest help us with something for the wedding.


Our daughters dresses were in a sale from Debenhams. My dress as seen above is from China, but not an Ebay one. I do have a corset underneath as well.

Be great to hear from you with your wedding tips, comment below to help the next couple.

Written by Amy Carney.

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