The Magic of Kindness

Kindness is a trait that many of us are born with. Others of us learn it through others or circumstances. However you get it, it’s something that can light up a room, change a day, or bring hope where there was none. It’s like magic!

Kindness is something that I think is both innate and learned.   For many of us, we simply have a natural desire to be kind to others on a daily basis.  For others of us, we learn it from those in our life, or even from circumstances in our life.

Innate Kindness

Personally, I have found a great source of energy in being kind to others.   I’m not talking about grand gestures.  But the kind of gestures that are easy to do every day in almost any way.  Whether it’s a smile and a hug for a loved one, learning their favorite treat and giving it to them on a challenging day, or holding the door for a stranger.  It’s just me.   To me, this is innate kindness (not to toot my own horn!)

Lucky are we that we live in a world where there are so many people that live with innate kindness within them.  I know that they inspire me to do more, be more.   Some people though, well they take kindness to a whole new level.

Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres is a perfect example of just that.  On a global level, daily she makes us laugh, lightens our days, and shows us how to be kind in new ways.  Her well-timed humor shows us how to have so much fun at the cost of no one.  And she ends every show with a simple reminder to us all to be kind.

Tied to her kindness is her generosity.  She’s generous in ways that instill further kindness in people.  She supports organizations and people that have exemplified kindness by who they are and what they do to help others.   Ellen…. Now that innate kindness personified!

Learned Kindness

Many of us have learned kindness from great leaders, like Ellen.  We learn not only the importance of it but also how to be kind.    There are so many ways to be kind that sometimes we don’t realize what it really takes.  Ellen and others who exhibit kindness in their daily life show us how to be kind in just about every way and every day.

For me, my kindness heightened when I became chronically ill.  I learned how much a small act of kindness truly means when a person is having a particularly challenging day.   It can cast a beam of light on a dark day, let the sunshine in, and open the door to hope.  It can turn an entire day around.  Knowing this, I’ve made it a mission to be kind to everyone I can, but most of all my chronic illness friends.  This kindness, I have learned.

How Does Kindness Enter Your World?

How do kind acts affect you?   What acts of kindness do you appreciate the most?  Is there anything in your life that has inspired you to be even more kind?

30 thoughts on “The Magic of Kindness

  1. I completely agree with you! It doesn’t cost a thing to be kind, and you don’t know how much of an impact your kindness can have on someone’s day.

  2. I like to think I have innate kindness. But, I have learned the value of kindness over the years. I am sorry to hear you were ill. I had cancer, which confirmed the value of kindness in my mind, like you experienced. One of the most important things someone can do for someone who is ill is be there and be kind. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. You’re so right! I think my journey with Fibro has really led me on a different path. I’m definitely kinder, and more patient. Life is too short to be mean and carry around a bunch of baggage. It costs nothing to be nice.

  4. I do see random acts of kindness going on each day. Sometimes it’s overshadowed by acts of selfishness which can diminish them, but in the end, it’s pretty well balanced.

    One discouraging thing is that it’s starting to come out that Ellen may not be as nice as she appears to be on TV. If that’s the case, it’s sad because her whole persona is based on being kind. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take her advice.

  5. I feel kindness can touch someone’s life in a positive way and make it a better world when we share it. We could all use some kindness now with what is going on with the Coronavirus. I also think it is both innate and learned. I have always admired Ellen and how many lives she has changed by giving of herself to make people happy and give them hope. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Kindness is very important, especially nowadays where most people are hurting and starving and longing for love 🙂

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