20 thoughts on “Saving money on a student budget

  1. Amen on the candles sis! I find a good saving strategy is taking cash along on small less than $20 errands and throwing the change in a jar after. This usually adds up to about $800 a year in effortless saving for me.

  2. It is so important that all of us learn how to budget appropriately. It can be hard as a student because there are so many expenses. The biggest thing is to expect the unexpected – this is where the savings kick in really nicely. As a student, I learned to live within my means. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  3. I’m not too bad at saving but I have to admit that I didn’t even bother trying when I was at uni. I did get my student loan paid into a separate account to budget that throughout the year rather than dipping into my other money x


  4. I am bad at saving, I just spend the money as it comes as self care is important to me. I didn’t save as much while at Uni but as I started to grow older, I understood its important. Every single time I go to a store, it takes a lot of will power to not end up buying something I wouldn’t need. Thank you for sharing this post. I will always keep saving in mind. It is vital to always expect the unexpected

  5. I think that this is excellent advice for more than just students. Expecting the unexpected is huge. The advice I would add to this is to save half of any additional money that comes in (like tax returns or gifts), especially if it’s unexpected (money that you didn’t already include in your budget) to build up an emergency fund.

  6. This is great. I definitely did not understand the importance of budgeting when I was a student. I still have the student loans to prove it.

  7. I am not a student but I need to advice anyway due to lack of Jobs during this corona crisis. So thank you so much!

  8. It’s definitely harder to save up when the expenses are higher! A few years ago I went back to school again, which took some adjusting as I found myself working with a student budget once again – something that I haven’t done for a few years now. That being said, since I’ve graduated my budgeting is better than ever… I found that I carried over some of those habits even though I have more money coming in once again.

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