Overcoming fear in tough times


Joseph Meyer

26 January 2021 2 comments

I know there are probably going to be tons of advice out there not to panic with our world pandemic going on concerning the Corona Virus or COVID-19 and that may be easy to say but it seriously does disrupts our lives in ways we are not used to and hope that this situation does not last long allowing us to move on with our lives.

Living in California we are especially affected, but like mentioned this is affecting many around the world especially in the U.K. Spain, Asia and many other populous countries.

Panic has truly taken hold of many for good reason, it also doesn’t help that we haven’t gotten the answers we are looking for. Lack of answers has caused many to horde supplies, food and act in a horrible manner as to have the survive of the fittest example, let’s not live by that example.

We All Have a Part to Play

In this time, we must be kind to others, help those less fortunate and have the mindset we are going to be ok and this will pass. Keeping you and your family safe, social distancing and keep those more vulnerable inside for the time being. For most, we hate being inside, but it actually can have benefits like spending time with loved ones, reading and writing more.

I would recommend to please limit how much news you take in not necessary to limit information but many times news and especially opinion programs will intentionally try to strike panic in people who can lead to disinformation something we don’t need right now.

Living in the United States there is a great deal of disinformation that we must be careful about especially when it comes to seeking help in the health crisis.

I would recommend following proper government guidelines in staying indoors and don’t expose yourself unnecessarily until we know more information and before we start flatting the curve and getting a vaccine to combat this.

Let’s not live in fear but know we all have to survive for tomorrow, many in the world can not fully stay indoors or work at home, some have positions that are in the face of the public like hospitals, Food and banking to name a few.

Do What is Needed

I can’t stress enough continue to live a very hygienic life washing your hands, which shouldn’t even be said, but so many don’t wash their hands, using sanitizer and limiting being in crowds of people especially at places like the beach, concerts, and other highly populous areas.

I know it’s easy to be afraid, mad, frustrated especially when seeing others act in a manner we find unfitting to humanity, but let that go for now as those people will be called out on their poor behaviour.

Keep on keeping on

Continue to work, go to school online if possible and in time this will be a memory, hopefully, you will not be affected.

I sympathize with those who are losing loved ones due to this horrible virus and if are one of those people try to give yourself a break, knowing you did not cause this, you did not deserve for this to you happen to you, but we, unfortunately, live in a world where these situations take place.

Stay safe, be happy

Something within me wants to speak these words of comfort to those who feel like I do, a little scared even to go to the supermarket, live my life at home for now while I work and teach courses from home.

As a father, husband and provider who genuinely want to protect my family from harm in any way possible, but being a shut-in is not the answer for me as I feel I would literally go crazy as someone who used to purposely self-isolate due to mental illness in the past, it’s not a great feeling.

Luckily some interaction to the outside world is important for all of us in this time, which is why I write, tweet and interact with the world community.

Stay safe everyone, be happy.

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2 thoughts on “Overcoming fear in tough times

  1. Charity says:

    This is such a great post. So important to not be fearful, but to do our part instead! Hopefully this will all be over soon too.

    1. Joseph Meyer

      Thank you for your comment. I know it’s easier said then done especially when some are losing their jobs due to this situation but it will pass. We all just need to do our part.

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