Lifelong Learning: Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

Hello, I was introduced as a new Everyday Role Model recently on Facebook. Today let’s talk about lifelong learning.

Lifelong Learning

I received my college degree after I was over the hill. After starting and stopping college several times due to life getting in the way. I knew I did not want to give up and was determined to cross that finish line. Finally at 52 I received my college degree. I finished school using mostly online classes. There is some debate about virtual classes not being as good as actual physical classes. I think it depends on the student as well as the instructor and class content.

The learning doesn’t stop there though. There is always something new to learn. The important thing is to keep the mind open and to be excited to find the next thing you want to learn more about. You can teach an old dog new tricks. Keep that excitement and joy in life. Look at life through the eyes of a child.

The Eyes of A Child

We recently had a preschool foster child move in with us and the amazement and joy she finds in simple every day things that we take for granted is eye opening. I want to challenge you all this month to be more mindful and take a moment to stop and focus on that sip of coffee or that beautiful sunset.

Curiosity as Fuel

Do you wonder how something works? Take it to the next step and read up on it. Don’t let that saying that curiosity killed the cat stop you. Let that curiosity fuel you and explore all that life has to offer and go find the answers to all of your questions. We may not find all the answers but there is a lot of fun learning new things along the way.

Join me on the journey of lifelong learning and discover some new things today. I am so thankful to be able to be an E.R.M here at My Need To Live

4 thoughts on “Lifelong Learning: Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

  1. I love learning new things. Although graduated over 3 years now, I still find joy in learning about something new. About new opportunities and discovering new things that might help me, and others, in life.

  2. The beauty of life is that you can always learn something new no matter the age. There’s no rule saying you need to achieve something by a certain age. You just do it. Thanks for sharing the positive vibes :).

    Nancy ā™„

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