How Writing Can Help Un-Tap Your Creative Side and Heal at The Same Time


Joseph Meyer

20 April 2021 2 comments

Being a writer is one of the most important passions in my life today and as I get older, I grow to love other creative ways to express myself. To stick with writing for a moment, I have considered myself a writer then probably the age of twelve.

Growing up I will say I did not live with the happiest childhood and I used writing as an escape to an imaginary world I would create. Much of my influence came from my own imagination but I had sources of inspiration like movies.

Youth Writing Started It For Me

All At that age I wrote a series of works which I will include from a link to my personal blog where you can see my stories that I reincarnated recently.  Funny story is that I thought many of stories you will see from my childhood I completely forgot about and found them when I was going through my family’s home as they were moving out.

Weekly Feature #20, Stories From a Childs Past: My Childhood Writing Through the Years (Conclusion)

Writing is different for everyone for some who are reading this you may say well big deal I write every day, but if you write stories, novels, journaling then we definitely see eye to eye because you know how writing helps you mentally each day. Currently I make it a habit to write regularly and currently editing a long novel at my first attempt as we speak. Along with blogging for my personal blog and this blog fulfills my urge and need to write in addition I just added podcasting.

For whose who wish to grow your writing skills and it’s something I feel we should all strive to do is we must write and read regularly. Reading plays just as an important part in my writing as I am able to learn new styles of writing, attempt to look into the mind of other writers and see areas I can add to my own personal writing style.

The Benefits of Writing

I have seen how writing in particular has helped my mental health at times as I struggled to keep my thoughts within as I didn’t want to express those feelings to those around so I wrote and began to selfheal myself. Like mentioned earlier I had a difficult childhood and even as a young adult, so I feel I had lost many years and to be honest I do not remember much of my childhood even happy moments.

Growing up I lived in a home with verbal abuse from a grandparent who constantly put me down and treated me as the hired help putting me to work and I am not talking about typical chores. I grew up with my mother, sister, and one abusive grandfather. So because of this I dived into writing and if you decide to read any of my “Stories from a Child’s Past” Series you will see many of the stories I wrote were very dark and about the need to run away.

From scientific standpoint there have been studies to show the affects of writing when it comes to heal and I will reference American Medical Association (Vol 281, No. 14), a study lead by Smyth, 107 asthma and rheumatoid arthritis patients wrote for twenty minutes on each of three consecutive days-71 of them about the most stressful event of their lives and the rest about the emotionally neutral subject of their daily plans.

Four months after the writing exercise, 70 patients in the stressful writing group showed improvement on objective, clinical evaluations compared to 37 of the control patients.

Some may not agree with the medical studies on the importance of writing but I personally have seen the affects on the clarity it gives your mind and spirit. All to often we as people tend to keep things to ourselves over how personal certain parts of our life can be, but I have say just write, get it out and if people comment take those comments with a grain of salt and let the healing begin. I find great comfort in blogging because I can be free to express my views, my troubles and just let it out.

The disappearance of Writing in it’s form 

The sad fact that I see is that writing is becoming less and less reverent as we have replaced much of writing in short form like text messages, social media and other forms to get a message across in 140 characters or less.  From a writer’s perspective it does not take much to write each day, no one is saying write for hours or pages, write twenty minutes a day to start. Write your thoughts, your feels, your dreams and aspirations and go from there, you just might be encouraged to write more and even in a more creative capacity like a book.

Lastly writing is so important that these are skills our own children may be losing due to the age of technology as kids no longer focus on the physical act of writing using utensils which I find a terrible shame as even the most basic form of writing is disappearing. Again, I am not trying to be over dramatic in my assessment you may find I am wrong and If I am please let me know. Computers do very important things in the hands of a writer and writing but so does using a good old-fashioned pencil or pen.

Just Write

If there’s one message I hope to convey here is to write, get in the habit because you will soon see the benefits yourself, untap that mind of yours and bring out the creativity to yourself and the world. Finally make sure we make a habit of reading, pick up that tablet or paper back and lose yourself in a good book, any book, pick your genre and grow your mind in different ways.




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2 thoughts on “How Writing Can Help Un-Tap Your Creative Side and Heal at The Same Time

  1. Writing is such a fantastic and versatille way to express yourself! I really want to write more – and not just blog posts!

    1. Joseph Meyer

      I encourage you write to your Hearts content. Start with a simple journal and go from there it does wonders for our minds and it feels you unload any baggage in the process. Thank you for reading .

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