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Joseph Meyer

09 March 2021 2 comments

The mental focus it takes to live life can be overwhelming at times, thinking about my life, your life can be a daunting task, but know you are not alone. All to often we are taught to take certain roles and paths. I often I think about our belief systems, our goals, what we are taught, what we were not taught growing up.

There is no such thing as perfect

I guess that’s the beauty of life is that its never perfect that it relies so much on what we do with it, which to me is mind boggling because many times in life we go to school usually kinder to secondary/high school and then we are to figure it out which is probably one of the most confusing decisions to make in life only because many times we have no idea what we want to do.

It’s easy to say go to college, get a job, study this or that but I have found that at a young age we don’t all have a clue to what to do and those in our life that we depend on to help us are no help at all, they just shrug their shoulders.

I get it it’s not easy guiding a younger generation for direction, but as a parent myself I hope when my daughter gets to age of trying to figure it all out I can guide her on my errors, successes and what I would have done differently and hope she listens.

Not everyone has someone like that some grow up in a system like foster care, some are orphans, some live on the streets to survive and those cases are very difficult to guide but all is not lost if those people who come in contact with those people that we are kind and lend a helping hand for guidance, which goes a long way in deed.

Ups and downs make us, don’t break us

What am I trying to say here, I am saying that you have choices and one of those choices is to take your time, life is not a race even though it feels like I must reach the top before this person, I must match my success to that person or people in your life and no you don’t live your life on your terms the way you want to live and I guarantee happiness in your life without all the stress that many experience.

I will say like most you will have your ups and downs, your disappointments and your successes and that’s what makes life so incredible is that if we get to live a long life we can look back and see what we have done.

Keep positive, don’t give up there will be hardships that’s a given, but its all in the attitude we choose to hold on too be positive and know tomorrow is a new day and we literally get a fresh start each day.

It took a long time for me to realize this, I am not rich nor poor, I am a family man who has struggled with mental health, financial hardships, trying to keep things together at times and if I can get through those hardships you can too.

I know we all have different life stories and yours is very different then mine, but we are all human beings working each day to better ourselves survive and thrive and its possible.

What’s your motivation?

I was motivated to write this for some reason with all that goes on in the world from sickness, death, hate, global pandemics things that will weigh on all of us but don’t let those things bring you down. Living in U.S. not a lot of good news it seems, so make your own good news, we all have the ability so go out and do it!

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2 thoughts on “Get the best out of your life’s path

  1. I totally agree with you, we need to understand that our path is unique and not compare to others. Staying positive and true to ourselves is the way forward. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Joseph Meyer

      Thank you for reading and your comments. I know it’s easier said than done at times but possible.

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