Going on a trip as a College student

Going on a trip as a College student can be nearly impossible, especially when your paying for everything yourself. But, there are ways where you can actually go on small trips throughout your College years. The key is to save money on the things you would not think about usually. […]

The ‘Savings Jar’ Technique

Who doesn’t have wishlists? Some are just tiny simple wishes to have a good taco once in a while, whereas some are those bubbles over our heads while we are day dreaming and thinking about those exotic locations for vacationing. We all dream and we think that one day we […]

Get Personal with your Finances

Fresh year, fresh start! So, the year is wrapped up and we move to the next one with new resolutions, so much positivity and all that excitement to catch up with the peers again! But this time, let’s make it a bit different. Let’s not do the rookie mistakes with […]

Credit Card Tips To Level Up Your Finances

Paul Madassery

Most people associate Credit Card debt with something evil and that is disastrous for your finances. After reading up on the topic and researching different people’s opinions it turns out that credit card are really not that bad (if you know how to use them). I will go through some […]

5 Financial Myths You Need to Ignore ASAP

myntladmin 1

When it comes to money, everyone seems to have an opinion or else be seeking a magic “get rich quick” solution. Unfortunately, we can’t all win the lottery nor can we expect to just create wealth by wishing for it. We can, however, get informed, learn our options, and efficiently […]

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Finances This Weekend


Many people are under the impression that managing their finances will take up way too much of their time. While it is true that a good financial overhaul or planning session does require the initial investment of time, ongoing maintenance (or small, scheduled updates) doesn’t have to take longer than […]

How to Survive Wedding Season on a Budget

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It’s officially June and wedding season is without a doubt upon us. While we’re all for lots of love, beautiful bouquets, tearful toasts, and a good old fashioned late-night rendition of Sweet Caroline (…“so good, so good, SO GOOD!”), we’re also the first to admit that these cheerful occasions can […]

8 first things to develop the habit of saving


Everyone comes to a stage in life where we realize we need to save some money for the future. We have dependents, family, dreams and various other reasons to save money for. But a lot of us, especially the younger generation is unable to do justice to this. Reasons could […]

6 Ways to Feel More Financially Confident

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Does talking about money make you totally uncomfortable? Do you find it easier to ignore your bank statement each month than to take time to review it? When you swipe your credit or debit card, are you holding your breath in the hopes that payment goes through? We get it! […]

10 Ways to Make Money

As a student, I never missed an opportunity to make some extra cash. The money I made, helped me pay for groceries, a few fun activities, and books. If you are looking for ways to make extra money, look no further. Below is a list of several ideas to get […]

8 Finance Tips To Help You Survive Uni


by Bex Sutton, NeedToLive Graphic Designer Get Organised – Getting organised with your bills, recording your in-goings and out-goings is essential, especially for those people who tend to overspend each month. Write a list of all your bills. This would be rent, utility bills, entertainment bills, gym memberships, subscriptions, food […]

How much does home education cost?

Amy Carney

One of the things that are a big concern for anyone that wants to home educate their children is the cost.  People are often surprised when I say it can cost nothing, it all depends on how you wish to home educate. If you wish to continue following the national […]

Budgeting for the Beginner

Tired of being broke all of the time? Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Do you have little to no money in a savings account?  Do you wonder where your money has gone at the end of the month? Do you struggle to pay your routine bills, let alone get […]

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