Tents & Campfires

I was hesitant to try camping. For years. I mean, why would I want to sleep in a tent outside, when I can sleep inside my warm house in my bed? My husband always loved camping, so eventually, I agreed to try it. While our first camping experience was definitely […]

5 Critical Moments

I think that in.. life, there are these really important moments. These moments that play a part in shaping you, your personality, and/or your path in life. These moments can be small. Just tiny little pieces to the puzzle of life. They can be huge and life changing as well. […]

Getting a Late Start

Going to bed at a decent time is most definitely not always easy. The daily grind of life itself is tiring as it is, never mind adding life with a mental illness on top of it. While a mental illness definitely takes over your mind, there are also so many […]

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