Winning Yourself Over

Do you ever find yourself rating low on the self-love scale? How do you win yourself back over? What self-love strategies work best for you?

Do you feel like you’ve let yourself down at times?  Are you rating yourself low on the self-love ladder?  Well, it’s time to win yourself over again and give yourself a 10 on the self-love scale!  Here’s how!

Appreciate How Special You Are

Never, ever, ever forget how special you are.  There is never going to be anyone that can bring to this world the perspectives and talents to it just like you would.  It’s unique to you.  You’ve created your own reality and are living life according to it.  You are the only you there will ever be.  This makes you kind of a big deal!

Delve into Affirmations

I know you’ve heard this before and at times they may sound silly but they really do work.  However, you can’t just the words, you have to get yourself to believe what you are saying.  And then say them again and again.  And then some more.    Write them on post-it’s, practice them in the morning, repeat them at night.  Engrain them in your brain so much so that you feel it, want it, and get worked up by it.

Do What You Love

When you constantly deny yourself what you love, you tend to feel pretty limited and very not worked up about what you are doing.  Look at your life and see where you are letting yourself down – these are the areas that you want to change.   Swap out these areas with things that you love.  Bring energy back into your day!

Accept Compliments With Ease

Many of us have a tendency to counter compliments with a disclaimer.  For example, when someone compliments us on an outfit, our knee-jerk reaction might be to say, “oh, this old thing…”  Instead, accept compliments gracefully.  They can add a nice boost to our day!

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

This is a biggee.  We all do it; we need to stop doing it if it’s causing us harm instead of motivating us.  Comparison is the quickest way to take all the fun out of life.  It’s really none of our business what other people are doing.  All that matters is that we are enjoying ourselves, our creations, and the unique spin that we put on each one of them.  No one else can do what we can do and that is perfection in and of itself!

How Do You Win Yourself Over?

These are just a few ideas – I would love to hear how you win yourself over.  How to you raise yourself on the self-love scale?


30 thoughts on “Winning Yourself Over

  1. I think I do the exact opposite of all those. I rarely accept a compliment, especially if it’s from someone I know well. I constantly compare myself to us, and have done since at least the age of 4. I don’t know what I love

  2. Great post. One of my biggest bad habits is comparison and I’m really trying to work on identifying every time I do it and replacing it with an affirmation. Hopefully it’ll result in a positive change! 🙂

    Anika |

  3. I think I have to do the things I love more! I tend to do things out of obligation most of the time and there is nothing amazing in doing that most of the time. This is a perfect read to start the month!

  4. I love the phrase “winning yourself over”. I definitely go through a LOT of periods of low self-love. It’s in my nature and I have very low self esteem so something I have to work on a lot.

  5. Hola,

    Nice post. I do the same when someone gives me a compliment. I’m trying to just say thank you. It gives me extra energy when I accept the compliment. Thanks for sharing these helpful insights.


  6. I especially like how you mentioned we need to delve into affirmations and not compare ourselves to others. I think these would be very helpful if everyone could do them more.

  7. These are great things to try and remember, I’m definitely guilty of deflecting compliments and comparing from time to time. I need to get better at not doing that! x


  8. I love this post! So important to win yourself over and love yourself first before anything else. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post!

  9. Great topic Lisa! I think we’ve all been there. I love your points about doing what you love, and stop comparing yourself to others. I think those are huge. But I think the thing the gets me out of a funk the best is setting myself up to see progress in something. For example by setting a small goal that I can easily see progress in. Like maybe spending 15 min day learning a new skill that I’m interested in etc. If I can see myself making progress on something that matters to me, I can usually feel a little better about myself.

  10. Amazing post. I really use a lot of affirmations and they help me feel good about myself and also knowing that I’m uniquely me. I try not to compare myself to others often and just love and appreciate myself.

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