When to get your first job?


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05 January 2021 3 comments

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When to get your first job

When to get your first job? Whether you are still in school, college, university or are finished with education, getting a job is probably something you have spent a good amount of time thinking about. If you have never had a job before, the process of applying, and then getting a job may still seem quite alien.

There isn’t necessarily a “perfect” time to get your first job, but having the experience of working from a young age, even if the job is only part-time, will give you an advantage over the competition in later life when you are applying for a full-time job.

The other advantage of earning money from a part-time job whilst still in education is it gives you a regular income stream and the opportunity to begin to learn how to manage money. It will teach you the value of money, the importance of saving as well as giving you access to some disposable income which you can use to spend on the things you enjoy.

As for getting that first job, the world of work has a few significant dissimilarities to school which should be considered. First and foremost, the process of getting a job, as well as moving up within your company or role, has a lot to do with selling yourself. Your CV, and interview (if this applies) are an opportunity for you to show off your skills and what you can offer to the company. Learning to present yourself in a positive light without coming across as arrogant is an important skill both for landing, keeping and improving your job.

Finally, a job at a young age, even if only for little money or for a short-term period, is excellent evidence of you taking responsibility. Furthermore, the experience can be added to your CV and used to help you land better jobs in the future. Progressing through the ranks by evidencing a successful track record in similar positions in the past is a good strategy for success.

For more details on how to write a perfect CV, getting a job and where to find the right job for you, consider the attached links.


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3 thoughts on “When to get your first job?

  1. I started working at McDonald’s at 14 years old! I loved it and made life long friends from working. Learned so many life skills and it has made me more confident. Highly recommend a teen working once a week 🙂 Great post! We lack resume education in school.


  2. I definitely think it’s up to the individual as we all feel comfortable and progress at different rates. I think I got my first job at 17!

  3. I had a paper round when I was a child, and then got my first proper part time job in McDonalds (of all places) when I was 17. They’re such a learning curve and really help you to grow!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

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