When things go wrong, don’t drop the ball

What do you do when things go wrong?  When you lose your job?  Your significant relationship ends? Your family is going through extremely challenging times?  When everything seems to come crashing down on you?

Does life halt in those moments for you?  Do you stop everything you are doing and regroup?  Or do you bring out the drawing board and start from scratch and see where you can go next?

Do you hit pause?   Do you put things on hold and try to find a way out of the hole that you seem to have fallen into?  Or do you brainstorm solutions to the situation and resurface when you’ve found one?

Or do you charge full speed ahead?   Head down and feet running into the other aspects of your life until the one in turmoil turns around?  Do you run until you hit the finish line that has the “solution” to the problem?

Options.. that’s the beauty of life.  There are so many options for us in every situation.  There’s generally no right or wrong answer for how to proceed.  No one way to do something.   There’s options!

And that works really well for most of us. We each are unique individuals with our own personalities and styles for handling problems.  What works for you great may flop for me.  Or what is a winning strategy for me may only make your situation worse.

It’s also why friendships can be so valuable.  Often when we are in the midst of a situation we are too deep in the weeds to see the light.  It’s often in these moments that are friends can jump in and pull us out.  They know us and oftentimes know what strategies will work best for us to get us through a particular problem.  In short, their advice can be invaluable.   This is just but one strategy to get that ball back up in the air.

Many prefer to dive inward when problems arise. We hibernate for a bit until we come up with our own solution. We prefer to keep our challenges private and arrive at our solutions internally.

Again..  options…    What we do when the ball drops and how we get ourselves out of the situation when the ball drops are situations loaded with options.  These are just a few ideas of what many of us do in such situations but really there are a dozens of variations of each, along with some completely different options.

So, what do you do when the ball drops on something big in your life?  Stop, pause, go?   Let friends in or seek the answer from within?   Or?

In these moments, a deal sure helps!

24 thoughts on “When things go wrong, don’t drop the ball

  1. I am more of a pauser, I think. I tend to just need a day or two at least to figure out whatever’s going on and make a game plan.

  2. I like to pause and make a plan on my own and figure things out. It’s important to figure out what works for you in those situations x


  3. Mostly I carry on! Sometimes when so many ‘big’ things happen to you over the years it sort of becomes a ‘skill’ to balance your emotions & the daily routine. I can’t think of another way to put it!

  4. I am definitely that stop, pause and go kind of person. I keep my problems with myself and don’t like sharing with anyone else due to my introvert nature. Well every person is different 🙂

  5. It depends on that time of the month… sometimes I charge full speed ahead and other times I pause or hibernate. I surprise myself with the choices I make sometimes! But you’re right, we have choices and I guess that’s a silver lining in a negative situation.

  6. Friends really make a world of difference when something life-changing happens – whether or bad or good. I def tend to internalize first, but my friends do make a difference, too.

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