Thriving in Your Optimal Environment

To thrive, we must not only want to thrive, but also ensure that we have created the optimal environment to do so. What is that environment? How do we create it?

Many people often find themselves stuck, unable to thrive within their current circumstances.  There’s a reason for this.  We must not only want to thrive, but also ensure we have created the optimal environment to thrive before we can begin to do so.

Distractions and Routines

These are some of the top things preventing us from living in our optimal environment.  Distractions take our attention away from our goals and put barriers in our way.   They make it easy to forget the enthusiasm and energy we once had when we created our goals.  As a result, our progress towards our goals wanes or stops completely.  To create our optimal environment, we often must relocate ourselves to an environment more conducive to achieving our goals.  That may be a sandy beach, a special spot in our house, or some other restful place.

Routines also remove us from the optimal environment we need to progress towards our goals. Again, like distractions, they make it easy to lose enthusiasm and motivation toward achieving our goals.  To create our optimal environment we must remove these distractions so that we can fully focus on regaining the energy we had when we created our goals.

The Optimal Environment

I like to think of there as being two types of optimal environments.  The ones that energize us to create the dream and the peaceful place we go to map out the dream.  Both are essential to making the dream come to fruition.

Below I speak more to the first optimal environment.  The second optimal environment can be found by placing ourselves in a restful, peaceful place.  A place separated from our day-to-day life, free from distractions, and one that lets us put our guard down and lets the creative juices flow.  There’s no one set place for everyone. We each have our special places that we go to think.  These same places may be your optimal environment.

Why is an Optimal Environment Necessary?

Think about times you have hung out with a crowd that is very negative or not very motivated.  Have you found your energy rise or fall?  Have you found yourself wanting to actively strive for more or settle for less?  Studies have shown that its quite easy to settle in rather than rise up when you are not in an environment that encourages and promotes progress.

In contrast, think about times that you have been with groups of people that are go-getters.  That invigorate you to chase you dreams at the rate they are going after theirs.  These are optimal environments.  The key is to then recreate these optimal environments on your own so that you can take some time to put together plans of action.  If you don’t have both pieces to this puzzle, you are likely not to find your dream or key goal, or you will fail to bring it to fruition.

Where Are Your Optimal Environments?

Do you find yourself identifying new dreams when hanging out with a particular crowd?  Alternately, do you find yourself settling when you are with a less ambitious crowd?  What is your optimal environment for mapping out how to achieve your dreams?

20 thoughts on “Thriving in Your Optimal Environment

  1. Some obstacles can get in the way when you want to achieve your goals and thrive to success, the way that I’ve done is to battle those obstacles and defeat them and then people can see me as being a victorious human being

  2. The right environment is absolutely crucial, the environment you are in has a massive affect on you.

  3. It’s true environment affects us a lot. We all need to be in the right environment for us to be positive and reach towards our goal. Great post. Thank you for sharing ❤️

  4. I definitely think you are a product of the people you spend time with. Surrounding yourself with positive dreamers is always a good thing. Great post!

  5. These are some really important things to think about when you are trying to achieve your goals! Thank you for sharing Lisa

  6. I totally agree that some people inspire you and motivate you while others will make your energy drop! I think figuring out the kind of environment that makes you thrive is such an important thing that’s so often overlooked x


  7. I agree with you – it is so important to have an optimal environment so we can thrive in so many areas. If we don’t have the tools for success, we will be stuck trying to battle our roadblocks longer than we have to.

    Nancy ♥

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