There’s Too Much to Do!

How many times during the year have we said this to ourselves?  And how many times especially during the holiday season do we say this to ourselves?  Too many, is my guess.

Here’s five quick tips to help us through these moments!

  1. Check ourselves! Let’s stop telling ourselves how busy we are and focus on what we enjoy about what we do instead of feeling weighed down by it all.  I know it sounds overly simplistic to say this but the self-talk that we have internally does affect our outlook on our life and our ability to complete tasks.
  2. Ask for help.  If we don’t know where to start or what to do next, lets try getting some outside perspective.  A lot of times we get in our own way; we get so tangled up in the details that we can’t see through the weeds to the other end.  Lets get a new set of eyeballs on the issue and truly listen to their insights.
  3. Reality Check. Do we really need to do all that is on our plate?  Do we really need to do it all NOW?   One we’ve asked ourselves these questions, lets take what is left and break it down into bite-size, manageable pieces.  Having a to do list that we can easily check items off the list helps us feel the progress we are making and will motive us to do more.
  4. Delegate.  One of the best ways to lighten our load is to delegate to those around us.  If we try to do every single thing ourselves, we may never reach the goal post.  Let’s let go of our need to control every piece and let someone else in to help.
  5. We are #1. Let’s never forget in any task that we are number one.  Let’s put our priorities first.  This means putting the phone down, ignoring the messages from others, and focusing on what we need to get done.  Distraction-free.

I hope that these tips are helpful in relieving any feeling you have of feeling overwhelmed.  I know that I have followed this five-step process many times and have found great success with it!

If you don’t already have a strategy in these moments, give this one a try.  If you do, I’d love to hear how you best manage your time to avoid feeling overwhelmed!

28 thoughts on “There’s Too Much to Do!

  1. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by our tasks or assignments isn’t it! But like you say, it’s so important to sort your priorities and make sure you’re putting yourself first! Learning when to say no to things is an important thing too!

  2. Great tips! Especially around the holiday season, I try to plan what I need to do well in advance to not get completely overwhelmed, but things end up getting really hectic either way so these are some important and useful things to remember. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great tips Lisa! We’ve all been there. I find myself there on a regular basis! I like what you said about reframing the thinking I have to do this and I get to do this. People think it seems silly, but it works. I like using the eisenhower matrix to prioritize my tasks, to help with the overwhelm a bit. Thank you!

  4. I fall into this trap often! I always feel that I need to do more and get overwhelmed by the tasks I give myself. Great perspective and advice!

  5. I have finally learnt to delegate (around the house, at least) and I started to enjoy it. Of course, the other parts are not very happy about my revelation, being used to I do everything, and they don’t have to move a finger. Yeah, it’s good… I should have done it long ago:)) But still not #1; this will take a lot longer, I fear:)))

  6. Great post and i always feeling overwhelmed (lost my direction) especially on my own business but these are nice tips for helping me more 😍

  7. Delegation is great, but unfortunately my family rarely listen properly first time around, so I end up doing it anyway!

  8. I think it’s so easy to get overwhelmed but breaking tasks down and prioritising some is definitely how I try to keep on top of everything.

    Tash – A Girl with a View

  9. Asking for help is such a big one! I know for me I don’t particularly like asking for help, but when I do it really makes a difference!

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