The Value of an Education

University presents a time of unbridled learning, adventure, and a new kind of freedom!   Courses schedules are often more sporadic throughout the day and it really becomes up to each person to find their own way to manage their day-to-day schedule.

For many going to University, this may be the first real venture away from home.  This may mean no one to come home to – at least someone that you’ve loved and lived with your entire life.  It may mean feeling a bit lost, with the structure of the past now left behind and the path ahead yet to be paved.  This is a completely typical feeling and oftentimes to be expected.

In these cases, if structure is what works for you, taking some time in the beginning of the term to learn a new structure will greatly help.  And don’t forget, parents and friends from home are always only a call or virtual visit away.   What often helps is to remember that going to University is adding to your life and with that, bringing some new changes.  All of which can be adapted to with a bit of effort and focus.

For others this new freedom is embraced and represents a time to explore unique avenues, delve into new relationships, and explore unchartered territory.  It’s a time to let loose, so to speak.  Some have taken this to its limits, of course, attending parties, staying up late, and perhaps not studying as much as needed.   Many simply take this time though to get a bit of pent up energy out of their system, then settle down into a steady schedule. 

Whatever your style or what the new freedom that comes with going to University means to you, there’s one key thing to remember:  Going to University can be one of the most fabulous times in a person’s life. While classes and school work are key to your success, there is still plenty of time to explore the other opportunities that University offers. Later in life, when you are tasked with more responsibilities you may not have such an open and free schedule.  I encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities.  You never know behind what door your next passion or adventure lies.

I may sound like a broken record, but I can’t stress enough that that key to all this new freedom is within University itself!  The value of an education is priceless.  It will open your eyes to new passions and unknown talents.  It will change the way you think, broadening your horizons, and showing you the value of diversity, collaboration, and accountability.  It will prepare you for your future – whatever that may be.   It will take you down roads you never knew and show you avenues that you can’t wait to explore!   So, no matter if you go into it a bit nervous or dive right in, I encourage you to find a way to make it work for you for it really is the opportunity of a lifetime!

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18 thoughts on “The Value of an Education

  1. This is such a lovely blog post! I’m currently a 3rd year student and are loving my university life!

    Ayse x

    1. I love to hear that you love learning but I’m so sorry to hear that being back at university is making you miserable. I wish I could help. 🙁

  2. I love learning it allows you to grow. What a great article and perspective on learning something new.

  3. Thanks for reinstating the value of education.. sometimes in the course of work we feel we are not using what we learned and that all the effort was pointless. But what you said reminds me that there were gains, which may not necessarily be put in a resume but have definitely contributed to our growth.

    1. Absolutely – what you learn today at University will be helpful your entire life. Not just the substantive pieces but all the pieces that surround it – working collaboratively, learning processes, etc… Thank you for sharing your insights Mukti!

  4. The university experience you’re describing sounds perfect. I wish mine had been more like that! It’s great to take the extra opportunity for experiences if they’re available x


  5. University gave me so much freedom and independence as I moved quite far away from home! It was such a shock having to everything for myself x

  6. The value of a university education is so much more than whatever subject you choose to study. It’s about living away from home, making new friends, taking responsibility for yourself, your money, your timetable and so much more. It can also be one of the most fun times of your life or not, but it’s definitely a learning experience. Great post, Lisa, thank you for shaing this! 🙂

    Lisa |

    1. You’ve nailed it Lisa – it’s so much more than the core of what it is. It’s all the adventures, lessons, and new experiences that come with it.

      Thanks for sharing,


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