The Pandemic and New Hobbies

New hobbies are on the uptick since this pandemic has started. Have you found a new hobby during the pandemic?

One theme that I have been hearing again and again is that new hobbies are on the uptick since the pandemic started.   I have felt a little left behind with this trend… until now!

But first let’s talk about what many have found to do before I share my new adventure!


Puzzles have always been a great pastime but they have seen a big uptick in sales since the pandemic.  People have more time at home and what better way to pass the time then a new puzzle!

I’ve even heard that a puzzle trading system has started so that people can keep working on new puzzles without stockpiling a bunch of puzzles they may or may not do again!  What a great idea!


Learning a new instrument has also been a pretty popular new trend with this pandemic.  Let’s face it, the time to practice is there and it’s always fun to learn a new skill!

Personally, I’ve played a few instruments already in my lifetime so this one didn’t hold that much of a draw for me.


A lot of people have taken the extra time to learn new languages.  This not only is a way to become more culturally diverse but also can be a great skill potentially in the job market.  I applaud those that have endeavored and succeeded in learning a new language this past year!


Finally, this is where I come in.  First, I tried to resume my counted cross-stitch skills but found that my eye sight and concentration levels just weren’t there anymore.

Then I found diamond art work.  I can’t tell you too much about it yet as my first project hasn’t arrived yet but I have seen some of this artwork and the sparkle on these pictures brings them to life!  It’s similar to paint by number, in a sense, as the pattern is there for you but it’s up to you to put the diamond (not real diamonds!) beads in the right spot to form a colorful and sparkly picture.  Wish me luck!

What Directions Has This Pandemic Led You In?

New crafts?   Languages?  Puzzles?   Past times?  Where has your heart and extra time led you?

22 thoughts on “The Pandemic and New Hobbies

  1. I can’t say that I picked up any new hobbies during the pandemic. However, I have rediscovered old ones or invested more time into the ones I was already regularly doing. I want to try my hand at diamond dot art, but I have yet to decide on which one to buy to give a try, maybe that will be my 2021 new craft attempt.

    1. It is a ton of fun – I’ve gotten a huge jump start on mine already and I love it! It goes quicker than you would think it would with all those dots

  2. My boyfriend is half French, and at the beginning of the pandemic I moved in with his parents (and him) and they speak French in their house… so it was quite the learning curve! But I can now speak more French than I ever could before! And I’ve been topping up (now I live back at mine) with Duolingo! Love it

    Katie |

  3. These are great ideas Lisa! Since the pandemic started, I have been participating in the reading world a bit more since many of the author’s book promotion activities are now available online.

  4. I think it’s amazing that people are learning new skills and languages but I honestly don’t know how they find the time, pandemic or not. I wish I had a lockdown hobby!x


  5. Whilst I didn’t pick up any new languages, I definitely spent time working on the ones I’ve already learning! Diamond art work sounds really cool – glad you discovered something fun to do!

  6. These are really good new hobbies though mine is that I’ve started blogging again. Before the pandemic, everything was always going so quick and I was always doing something but the pandemic kind of slowed everything down. This gave me time to continue my love for writing. Thank you for this!

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