Streaming Services… How do you Choose?

When you are stuck in quarantine, television has proven to be a great distraction. With so many provider options though, how do you chose? Or do you always have to??

When you are stuck in quarantine, television has proven to be a great distraction.  You can watch reality television, history lessons, comedians, movies, and really just about anything.   With all the streaming services out there how do you choose which one(s) are right for you?

I’ll fully admit that I found it impossible to choose just one streaming service.  I bought a Firestick recently and I have been streaming non-stop from a wide variety of paid subscription and free streaming services ever since.  They all seem to have their own unique characteristics.

Streaming Series

Some streaming services have really specialized in bringing to us series.  Where one television show leads to the next and so on… leaving us in suspense for only so long before the next episode starts.  I think this is where binge watching all began!

These streaming services have us on the edge of our seats waiting for the next season to release.  The series are just that good.   While these streaming services also have movies and television shows, their own original series seems to have left their mark amongst streaming service providers.


Other streaming services have not gone so much the route of series, but rather have focused on movies and getting them to us fast.  For those movie buffs out there, these types of services may just be the type of provider for them.

Movies are longer than series episodes and can keep us captivated for hours.  Sometimes that’s what we really need – an escape to a new reality that helps pass the time and keeps us entertained for hours!

Free Television and Movies

Yes, I said FREE!   There are many, many providers out there that are providing free movies, series, and television shows.  While they may have a few commercials sprinkled in there, they provide some great entertainment at a very affordable cost (nothing!) for everyone!

While the movies may not be the latest and greatest, they have some fabulous movies on there and their streaming series are quite entertaining.  Certainly, these offerings are nothing to be quickly dismissed.

What’s Caught Your Attention?

Do you have a favorite provider?  Do you prefer movies over series?  What’s caught your attention as of late?

22 thoughts on “Streaming Services… How do you Choose?

  1. I probably watch Netflix the most, but we have Netflix, Hulu, Prime, and Disney+ and there is great stuff on all of them! I tend to watch TV shows. I’m not a big movie watcher.

  2. My family got rid of cable and have settled on Netflix and Hulu. Best decision. We save money and only get what we actually watch.

  3. I definitely like Netflix best, perfect for binging and I don’t need to worry about paying extra to watch anything like I do on amazon!

  4. I got a free year of Disney + after I changed cable providers, and I like it so far except for the fact that I have to watch it on my phone because I dont have a smart tv. I’ve tried NetFlix and Hulu as well, and sometimes I find a show or two to binge, but it’s never anything I keep long term.

    1. I don’t have a smart tv either and so wish I did. I did find a inexpensive option to get access to free streaming services – a firestick. best purchase I’ve made in a while.

  5. I don’t really have a favourite streaming service provider at the moment. I enjoy watching both movies and series and I refuse to choose between the two. I’m currently watching Love Island. The first reality show that I actually find interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  6. It gets a bit overwhelming with so many choices of stream providers out there. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  7. I probably watch Netflix the most, but we love Amazon Prime too! Those are the 2 we use the most for sure!

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