Small ways to improve your day to day life.



27 June 2019 2 comments

Life can become pretty mundane. You find yourself living through the motions and in a looping routine. You become trapped in a box and living life like a robot.

Have you ever thought of trying something new? Or going on an adventure? Or perhaps you’re just wishing for something as simple as make valuable time with family, friends, or even yourself? Anything to break out of the cycle!

Becoming more productive in your day to day life can improve your lifestyle and it doesn’t even need to take much effort or time to change and improve your outlook on life.

Every day is a beautiful journey and the variety of activities I am going to suggest can help you love your lifestyle more.

Read Books

Something so small and simple but reading is my one of most favorite hobbies of all time. It gives you a moment to find a small escape from the physical world, detach from stresses as well as boosts my reading comprehension, creativity and even mental health.

Immersing myself in a story bring a lot of happiness to me and doesn’t take a lot of effort or time out of my day. Try finding a book you find interesting and read for just an hour a day. This could be in the morning, in the evening before bed or even during your work break.

Learn New Skills

In our lives, it can feel like you can’t make mistakes, doesn’t it? So when we find something we enjoy, or we are passionate about, if we are not amazing at it, we tend to stop the hobby or skill because we are ‘not good enough’.

Learning new skills or finding new hobbies doesn’t mean you need to be an expert, it is for your own enjoyment and YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. The great thing about learning new skills is they can be improved with quality time, along with your joy and excitement. As well as this it can improve other skills like creativeness, attention to detail etc.

Meet new people

Meeting people can be scary. What do you say? What do you do? What if they think your boring, or immature etc. But with negative outlooks like that you close yourself off from new experiences. And it goes both ways, you would be depriving them of your awesome company!

So go and introduce yourself, meet new people, expand on old or business relationships, make memories together. The greatest human relationships can be built from simple introductions and they can enrich your life with new friendships.

Go for adventures

Traveling is my favourite hobby in life because each destination is full of new adventures. Exploring different cultures, terrain and experiences can enhance our physical, emotional, mental health as well as create wonderful memories and enhance our knowledge.

You live only once (YOLO!) /so take more risk, get out of your shell and wander the world with positive vibes while challenging yourself to be more adventurous.

Be fearless

This can be the most difficult of my suggestions. Fear can come from experiences, traumas or simple from the unknown. I can only suggest if it comes from bad experiences to take a small step everyday. Try to succeed in small accomplishment and before you know it you have become battled back your fear and become fearless.

However, if it is the fear of the unknown, instead of concentrating on what’s the worst that could happen (which usually isn’t as bad as you think), think of everything you could miss out on! Concentrate on all the amazing opportunities that could pass you by if you don’t take advantage of the moment! The future is in your hands!

A few years ago I was a bit of a scared-cat. But along the way, with these few changes in my day to day life, I’ve changed my whole experience and become an optimist. You can do it too! You just need to believe in yourself!

Mikhaela Adarve

Guest Blogger

Bio: My name is Mikhaela, A content creator that focuses on travel, fashion & lifestyle. I am also a hobbyist photographer. I capture moments through my camera and share it on my blog website. My niche is help people to face their fears to go adventures by traveling and be more open to welcome a diverse society, find their appealing style in fashion and spreads self-love.

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2 thoughts on “Small ways to improve your day to day life.

  1. Gayleen Hodson says:

    These are some great ideas! I definitely believe that if you want to improve on life you should take up something positive for yourself

  2. I love these ideas. I have found reading books to be possibly one of the most beneficial experiences of my life.

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