Science United: The Pandemic

Can we transition the race for a cure for Covid-19 to a race for a cure for other illnesses? What will it take to incent scientists and researchers to similarly unite toward racing for a cure for other diseases?

Needless to say, there are many theories regarding the pandemic across the world.  One thing that doesn’t seem to be in dispute is that this is one of the very few, if ever, in modern times that the entire world is working toward a cure for one illness.

Reports are that vaccines are being developed and tested at record speeds.  While there is a race among companies, and perhaps even countries, to come up with the first effective vaccine, it undoubtedly is a singular dedicated effort to cure something that has had a worldwide impact.

What does this mean?

With everyone working together, I think first and foremost it means that we are likely to come to a solution to this virus quicker than we have for other illnesses.  Hopefully the researchers are working collaboratively so that they can learn from each other what works.  And, also what doesn’t work so that ineffective solutions do not need to be repeated.  In short, I hope that it means that this is the start of a collaborative process for curing diseases.

What can we learn from this pandemic?

Let’s face it, there are millions of diseases that affect individuals from across the world.  Can we take the learnings and process improvements from this pandemic to similarly put such a focused effort on curing cancer and other diseases?   Can we pick away at the most prevalent diseases at the speed that we are focused on with curing Covid-19?

As someone with a chronic illness, I certainly hope this is the case. I would love for my disease to have such strong attention focused on it once this pandemic is over.  I think every one of us with a chronic condition has a similar wish.

So, can we make it happen?

I don’t know…   Will the gusto for finding a cure for Covid-19 fade away once a vaccine is found?  Is there not a way we can similarly incent researchers to focus their attention on other illnesses to the same degree?  I don’t know but I sure hope so.

What do you think?

Can we make the world stop turning for other diseases?  Can we find a cure for them as hard and quickly as we are working to find a vaccine for Covid-19?   What would it take to make that happen?

21 thoughts on “Science United: The Pandemic

  1. I think the huge impact coronavirus has had on the global economy is the only reason there’s such a group effort for this particular vaccine. Unfortunately, I think it will be very much business as usual when it comes to other illnesses when this is over x


  2. I definitely think the response for this particular virus was overwhelming for many people. I hope that we never have to face a virus like this again in our lifetime, or, if we do, that the measures we will need to take to contain it won’t be as drastic.

  3. It is so important to know the facts of what is going on because there is so much fake news out there! And there is so much to learn from and take into the future!

  4. I don’t have a chronic illness, but I’m certainly with you on wishing more illnesses had the same response as coronavirus, or were at least taken as seriously. Of course, it had an enormous and quick impact on the world and is very unpredictable, so I really wish the world can learn from it. Hopefully starting with more safety measures! Great post.

    Anika |

  5. I agree that we can find a cure/vaccine for this virus faster since we are all working together and putting that first. I sure hope we find the answer soon because I am so ready to go back to normal life!

    1. It’s been great to see the world unite for a cure; I only hope this type of action continues for other illnesses. It truly would be a miracle.

  6. I agree with what Sophie said above. Sadly with cancer and a lot of other illnesses, people make too much money by other’s staying sick. Sad but true.

  7. While I hope there will be a series of vaccines for COVID, I don’t think we’ll ever find a cure. The virus will mutate and more vaccines will have to be developed. I think it’s a case of learning to live with it as best we can – sorry that this is a little pessimistic! Lisa

  8. Unfortunately, transitioning the dive to find a cure or vaccine for covid19 won’t be so easy. Scientists and researchers work for organisations and funding bodies decide avenues of research, with organisations, scientists, and researchers then pitching ideas to get that funding. So unless there’s enough push by funding bodies, universities, and private interests to make money available, those actually doing the work have little choice

  9. If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught me, it’s that tomorrow is not promised. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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