Post Holiday Blues or 2020 Bliss?


Lisa Alioto

30 December 2019 4 comments

The holidays are over and it’s time to get back to work on a full-time basis.  Does anyone else in part feel a little bummed but also a little excited to get back into a routine?   I’m feeling such mixed emotions about it all.

On one hand, I’ve REALLY enjoyed my time off and having my days to myself.   Waking up when I want, creating my own schedule (or not) for the day, and going to bed when I fancy.   It’s been really relaxing.  Throw in there some holiday parties and treats, it’s really been quite nice.   The thought of going back to work seems daunting at this point.

On the other hand, part of me misses the routine of having a regular schedule, even if it is filled with work activities.  There’s something (quite a bit if you read the articles) on going to bed and waking up at the same time every day.  Another plus:   I no longer have to worry about catching up at work, because I won’t have missed any days off.   I’ll always be caught right up.

If I’m honest though, I would prefer a schedule all to my own.  A job where I could work when I want and take off as often as a want.  All while cashing a steady paycheck.  That’s quite a dream, isn’t it!

I know that some people have such jobs (the jealously oozes within me), but that’s just not conducive to my line of work.  While I’m sure there are many challenges that lie within such a work schedule as well, from my perspective today, coming back to work after having over a week off, it sounds pretty darn good to me.

To be quite honest about it all, I think it’s not just that the holidays are over but it’s that there are not any big holidays in sight for quite a while.  And the fact that winter is looming all around me (I’m not a fan of the cold!).  What’s a person to do?

So, I’m going to pick myself up from my bootstraps and think a bit instead about the exciting things ahead.  I’ve set some pretty exciting resolutions this year.   I’m anxious to get started on them and see what I can make happen.  It really seem possible for some big life changes to happen this year.

There’s also always the unknown as well. Every year something exciting and unexpected happens.   I never know when, how or sometimes even why but something happens that turns my world a bit topsy-turvy for a bit in a super cool way.  What will it be this year?

I ponder all this as I sit here enjoying one of the beauties of wintertime…. A cup of hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows bopping around on top of my mug.

It’s 2020 – let’s make the most of it!!  Let’s just run wildly into it, putting the past luxuries behind us and bolding stepping into the new opportunities of 2020.  We’ve sooo got this!

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4 thoughts on “Post Holiday Blues or 2020 Bliss?

  1. I’m happy to get back into a routine, but also finding myself a little “scattered”. Taking some time with meditation and grounding to get that sorted!

    1. Lisa Alioto

      Taking some time with meditation at the start of the new year sounds like a wonderful idea Beth!

  2. Great article. And all true!!!

  3. Lisa Alioto

    Thank you Lakisha – glad you enjoyed it!

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