#Nominee Gran


Nominee Gran Nominated by Mary Stewart My gran,  she is a caring person. she has had to look after my grandad who took heart attack in April.and she did not lose a days work .as she works with health and social care. Care at home. l am so proud of […]

#Nominee Debbie Noble


Nominee Debbie Noble Nominated by Edith Cockburn Debbie Noble is a key Midwife at FV NHS hospital wearing full protective clothing with face shield.  She herself has twin daughters who she has to leave at home to attend. hospital.. Click to Nominate your #MyLocalRoleModel here View more nominees ->

#Nominee Matt Lucas

myntladmin 1

Nominee Matt Lucas Nominated by Mary Helen Hunter Having 3 kids under 6 during lockdown hasn’t been easy but Matt Lucass thank you baked potato has entertained the kids for hours. they have sang the song for days on end. I had read the book to my girls day and […]

#Nominee Tesco Staff


Nominee Tesco Staff, at Hyde Road, Manchester Nominated by Kelly Moore I want to nominate all the Tesco staff in the Tesco Extra store on Hyde Road in Manchester. They have been so helpful when I have gone into the store. I have had trouble getting around and struggled with […]

#Nominee Nick Radford


Nominee Nick Radford Nominated by June Radford Nick is my son who is a paramedic and is always helping others . He has two young children so he is kept very busy yet he always goes above and beyond to help other people. He has a heart of gold and […]

Book Reviewing

tianna Twyman

I loved reading books since I was very young and only found out a few months ago how fun book blogging can. I decided to start a book review blog to summarise and review my favourite books. Its nice knowing that someone may stumble across my blog and may enjoy […]

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