My Love-Hate Relationship with Christmas

Christmas….oh how I love and hate thee I have a big love-hate relationship with Christmas for a variety of reasons. Don’t worry I’m not some scrooge who goes round saying bah-humbug all December! Bah humbug! It’s one big expense, and I’d say possibly the biggest of the year, but why? […]

My Paris Bucket List

Alice Maher

I’ve got countless notebooks where i’ve written down here and there things for my ‘bucket list’ but, most of my list is kept mentally in my head. I’ve been lucky enough to already have ticked off parts of my list and, on my trip to Paris I got to tick […]

In a New Relationship: With GYM

Alice Maher

Hey guys, December is upon us and soon we’ll all be writing our New Years Resolutions! I thought i’d share with you an old post from back in February 2019 documenting my attempt to stick to a new years resolution. Spoiler alert: i didn’t stick to it but, in the […]

Presence For Christmas

Emily Carter

Recently, I’ve been starting to think that maybe we’ve got the meaning of the Christmas season wrong. What if, it’s not about the extravagant gifts we buy or the elaborate feasts we prepare? But instead, what if it’s about simply being present? What if we gave our presence for Christmas […]

Getting An Emotional Support Animal?

Jessica Lyles

Emotional support animals or (ESA) are animals, such as dogs and cats, that provide emotional support to the owner on a daily basis. These have become very popular among Americans and are often prescribed by licensed professionals for mental stability. Essentially emotional support animals have been around for a while […]

Diary Entry – November 27th, 2019 (What to do?)

Joseph Huang

It seems I haven’t settled on a particular set of topics or things that I want to write about in these blogs. All the better as I’m having a blast exploring the different avenues. So, what’s this diary entry about? Over the past two months, I’ve been seriously considering changing […]

Holiday Treats or Defeats?

Cookies, candy, and treats galore! It’s the holiday season and while you are comfortable with your body right now the worries of what the holidays will do to it are starting to make you wonder if you have something to worry about.  So what do you do? How do you […]

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