Book Reviewing

tianna Twyman

I loved reading books since I was very young and only found out a few months ago how fun book blogging can. I decided to start a book review blog to summarise and review my favourite books. Its nice knowing that someone may stumble across my blog and may enjoy […]

Publishing a Blog on MyNeedToLive


How to publish your blog on MyNeedToLive A short tutorial video on how to publish content on the MyNeedToLive platform, choosing a category for your blog, adding a featured image and how to use elementor.

#Nominee Hannah Bruce


Nominee Hannah Bruce Nominated by Emma Jackson Hannah is an amazing nurse and ward sister. Prior to the lockdown she had a knee operation scheduled to repair her ACL. Due to the pandemic this operation was cancelled and in spite of this Hannah continued to work in a new role […]

#Nominee David Draffan


Nominee David Draffan Nominated by Jonathan Keable As Service Director for Economic Development at Plymouth City Council, he and his team have been amazing in getting the government grants out to businesses during lockdown to help them survive through the economic crisis. They have been one of the fastest and […]

#Nominee Dawn Pay


Nominee Dawn Pay Nominated by Caroline Wilson This lady worked on the frontline in the covid ward. Having two young babies and having to go work to care for patients that you know will die and have to deal with this under extreme pressure as well as knowing you have […]