Review: The Work, Home, Play Series


“The Work, Home and Play series by Dr Rosie, is packed with information and resources that are relevant and easy-to-action and when it comes to looking after my mental health in different environments.” Mental health is an extremely important issue, which you never really realise until you talk about it. […]

Positivity for the win!

Paul Madassery

Positivity is underrated, having a positive attitude can really shape your outlook of what is around you and it can have a massive impact on people that are close to you even without you realising that. Some people are naturally positive, while others seem to always see the glass half-empty. […]

Before You Tweet…

In My Opinion…. The average half-life of a tweet is 24 minutes.   Twenty-four quick minutes… That’s nothing, right? What’s the odds that any badly worded or even emotionally charged tweet will be seen by the intended party?  Well, let me tell you, the odds are actually very good! Think Before You Click: […]

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