Why I’ve given up on New Years resolutions

Emily Carter

Get more organised. Eat healthier. Buy a gym membership and actually go. Read for pleasure more. Every January 1st we set ourselves goals like these and by January 14th (or there abouts) we’ve already given up on them. That’s part of the reason why I’ve given up on New Years […]

A letter to my Children

I’m writing this letter sat at my desk while you watch your dad cook our usual Sunday roast. Sebastian you are 3, Ophelia you are 2 and Rosalie you are 1. Life for us, right now, is good. It’s by no means perfect and there’s lots of changes in the […]

Post Holiday Blues or 2020 Bliss?

The holidays are over and it’s time to get back to work on a full-time basis.  Does anyone else in part feel a little bummed but also a little excited to get back into a routine?   I’m feeling such mixed emotions about it all. On one hand, I’ve REALLY enjoyed my time off and having my days to myself. On the other hand, part of me misses the routine of having a regular schedule, even if it is filled with work activities. In the end… it comes down to this… It’s 2020 – let’s make the most of it!!  Let’s just run wildly into it, putting the past luxuries behind us and bolding stepping into the new opportunities of 2020.  We’ve sooo got this!

She Doesn’t Deserve You … Really?

I’ve heard a lot of people say, “The girl didn’t work out? Well, you deserve better than her, anyway.” Or, “She dumped you? What a jerk.” My family would be one of these people. The more I experience life, the more I realise that perhaps this isn’t the best way […]

My Guide To Perfecting That Essay

Emily Carter

One of the most important keys for student life is nailing your essay technique. Once you’ve got that down, you’re pretty much set for any essay you’re ever given. But, finding the technique that works for you is hard and sometimes you need a little bit of advice from others. […]

19 Lessons I’ve Learned in 2019

It’s shocking to think that 2019 has come to an end. This year has flown by and it doesn’t even feel like we’ve just seen the end of Christmas. 2019 has been a fairly difficult year all round, and I certainly feel as though my anxiety has taken a bit […]

New Year’s Resolutions Yay or Nay?

Joseph Meyer

The new year is upon us! What is an exciting time going into 2020 very soon, but some of you may not be so excited. Honestly, I feel your hesitation to see if its worth getting excited about. I can say for myself I am more of Nay to resolutions, […]

Why I Love Christmas

Emily Carter

There’s so many things I love about Christmas. As soon as bonfire night is over, I’m a bundle of Christmas cheer; singing carols, buying presents, spreading holiday cheer. There’s just so much joy about the holiday season. Want to know the reasons why I love Christmas so much? Well, let […]

How to re-think new year weight loss messaging

It’s not even Christmas yet, but already the ‘new year, new you’ messages are blaring everywhere we turn. ‘Have you overindulged this Christmas?’ ‘Feeling the bulge this January??’ There’s even a ‘drop a dress size’ weight loss board positioned strategically next to the festive food and drink offers outside my […]

The Difficulty of Choosing a College Major

Joseph Meyer

Choosing a college major can be one of the most difficult decisions one can make especially if you are just finishing secondary school. When I graduated High School, I immediately went to college focused on a career in the Merchant Marines, a program very unique that it didn’t have the […]

Why I Find Embracing Change Hard.

I’ve always hated change. As someone that suffers with anxiety, I hate the feeling of uncertainty. I hate not knowing what the outcomes could be from a particular situation. Why do I find embracing change so hard? My Childhood. I moved around a lot when I was a child. I […]

Christmas in Retail

Christmas is a busy time for many of us. For Retail chains, it’s the one time of the year to break big at the bank and get your sales increases that you’ve been dying for all year. As someone who works in a retail environment, I can honestly say that […]

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