Mountain Men

Mountain Men: Who are they and what can we learn from them? More to the point, what’s your thoughts on living a more sustainable life? 

,Who are they and what can we learn from them?  First, the Mountain Men are a half a dozen or so men that are featured on a television show that highlights how they live off the land in various climates across the United States.

Some live in warmer climates and have droughts to contend with.  Others live in Alaska and have grizzlies and wolves to fear.  They face these challenges all while they live – get this – solely off the land.  While some do occasionally stock up on a few supplies from a distant store, for the most part these men and their families live solely off the land.

Their Lives

Their lives are built around surviving on what they know about living off the land.   They get their food, their shelter, and build a livelihood off the land and the skills they have generated over time.  I find it fascinating how they know how to tap a specific tree to get fresh water.  And, how to use the best trapping devices and scents to catch certain animals.

Each are careful to treat the land with respect, only taking from it what they need and doing with it what they can to keep the land thriving. In one case, a man does just that.  He works daily to bring in money in order to buy more land to keep it in its natural state and prevent the commercialization of it.

What Can We Learn From Them?

First, from watching this show I have come to realize how easy I have it.  I get days off.  These men work daily to survive another day.   I also readily have food at my disposal.  I have no fears that if I don’t have a “good day” I may just not be eating that day.  It makes me realize that I live a life of many riches that I really should cherish much more.

And.. it makes me realize how much I waste.  I certainly could make better use of things before considering them broken and replacing them.  For example, could they serve another purpose?  Are they fixable?  Do I really need the item to begin with?   When speaking about sustainable living I’m a big fail!

But, as we all know, you can’t change things until you realize there is a reason to change.  This show has really made me realize how good I have it, how I would love to try to live off the land, at least give it a shot for a month as sort of an apprenticeship.  I say that because you need real skills to live off the land.  It’s not something you can just take on lightly.  But I would like to learn, at least some beginner skills.

While a permanent life living off the land perhaps isn’t for me, I would like to increase my survival skills and also learn how to live a more sustainable life.


Have you seen this show?  What do you think of it?  What’s your thoughts on living off the land and/or living a more sustainable life?

20 thoughts on “Mountain Men

  1. Wow, this sounds like such an interesting show – and such a unique way of life! It definitely makes you realise how lucky and easy we have it at times! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love Moutain Men! Such a great show – do you also watch Alaska the Last Frontier? If not that’s an equally brilliant show that I think you’d like too.

  3. I have not seen the show but I do love the outdoors. I love backpacking and really getting out there. I have often wondered what it would be like to live off the land like one of them. It’s not something I’d choose long term, but for short stints maybe it’d be cool.

  4. It’s only when I read this post that I remembered a childhood tv series, Grizzly Adams – I used to LOVE this!

  5. This sounds really interesting! I think the main thing it shows us is what a consumer focused society we are, if we all only bought what we needed and made the best we could of it then the environment would be in a much better place. I hate the culture that’s been created of buying clothes (for example) to wear once then get rid of! |

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