Monica Lewinsky – The price of shame

Social Media has created a “culture of humiliation” with cyberbullying now a constant in our digital lives.

We all make mistakes in our early 20’s, but what happens when those mistakes are broadcast across all social media?
Social media has seen an increase in public humiliation, cyber bullying, and trolling, impacting peoples lives both mentally and physically.




Monica Lewinsky was Patient Zero of the digital age, losing her personal reputation at the age of 22.
In a brave talk, Monica talks about the new industry making money out of online shaming, the impact it has on their lives and sharing her struggles with cyberbullying which led to suicidal intentions.

One thought on “Monica Lewinsky – The price of shame

  1. I honestly feel for the kids growing up in today’s social media society. It’s scary to think that even the smallest of mistakes has the power of being completely blown out of proportion. I’m glad that I did ‘young and stupid’ things before everything was shared online!

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