Me, myself and my Anxiety.

5 ways to help take your mind off of crippling anxiety.

  1. Remember to breathe. I know that everyone says it but it really does work, try breathing in for four and out for four for a period of 5 minuets at a time. Anxiety attacks release a chemical called Adrenalin, which causes your heart to race, by focusing on your breathing youā€™ll redeuce your heart rate down and become calmer.
  2. Try out a new therapeutic hobby. This could be literally anything youā€™ve always wanted to do, you could try colouring, pottery making, birthday card making… the list and possibilities are endless. If youā€™re feeling extra brave you could join a society to keep your schedule busy and make new friends in the process.
  3. Get lost in a good book. Have you checked out the fantasy section in your nearest bookshop recently? When the world seems its worst why not get lost in an entirely new one? Pair that with your favourite hot drink and a rainy day, and let your mind be taken over by mythical creatures and complex worlds.
  4. Exercise. This is probably a given but why not channel all of that extra Adrenalin into a positive and healthy hobby? Exercise releases endorphins which is a great way to bring your mood up and take your mind away from your anxious thoughts and back into your breathing.
  5. Write it down. Writing down your thoughts can be a really helpful way of visualising your main problems, and it also keeps a log of what triggers your anxiety attacks. Also… its a great excuse to buy some cute new stationary, take some time for yourself and nip to your local stationary shop and pick a notepad and pen just for your thoughts.

If you are struggling with any mental health issues not just anxiety, there are plenty of places you can seek guidance. Your university should have a councillor available for you to see if you donā€™t want to go to your doctors for a referral. There are also some great online organisations out there for you to check out which I will list below.

  • text support – 85258.
  • 03444775774
  • 03001233393

One thought on “Me, myself and my Anxiety.

  1. Great post! Love these tips.. I love escapism into another world & also having a hobby.

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