Life hacks: do any of these actually work?

Everyone has a tip or trick which gives them that OMG moment.

Mine was when I learned how to properly use an OXO cube and I’ve been cooking for years!

But what about other hacks and tips you can find on the web? Do any of them really work or are they just time filling, well put together content?

Have you had any AHA moments? And no, I’m not talking about this

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3 thoughts on “Life hacks: do any of these actually work?

  1. I love a good hack! There are so many I found that I actually use on a daily basis, most of them are cleaning hacks. But I’m going to watch this video now 🙂 Great post.

    Stephanie | SPV Living

  2. I’m too skeptical about all these life hacks because I tried a few before and it doesn’t work.
    But for sure I am going to try that lemon & clove hack to get rid of mosquitoes.

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