In Your Comfort Zone or Mixin’ It Up?

Do you live a predictable life or one of much variation? Which do you find better for you – comfort zone or mixin’ it up quite a bit?

It can be easy to catch yourself up in a comfort zone or rut, a pattern of living your day-to-day life one way with little variation.   Which isn’t so bad – it’s predictable and safe.  However, it can also prevent you from enjoying new experiences, growth opportunities, and finding new ways to do things.   Where do you land when it comes to this – do you live a predictable life or one of much variation?

New Experiences

What I have found is that when I live my daily life in pretty much the same way day after day, while predictable, it gets a little boring for me.  The days start to blend together and I find I am going through life on rote mode instead of fully experiencing all that life has to offer.

To ensure that I am inserting new experiences into my life daily, weekly, and monthly, I do self-checks quite often. I ask myself why I am still doing something a certain way (Is there a better way now?); I question if there’s a new route to University or school that might offer better scenery and perhaps an opportunity to meet new passersby; and I look at my day as a whole and see how I can mix it up a bit.

Growth Opportunities

Changing things up is a great way to provide ourselves with growth opportunities.  And it’s never too late to learn new things!   I find that when I explore new avenues (literally or figuratively) my eyes get opened in new ways, I see things in a brighter light, and I often learn about things I would not have otherwise.

To the contrary, if I stay in my safe circle of activities, not much changes.  I don’t learn much new – that’s already been done.   And I don’t see new perspectives or reach a new circle of potential friends.

New Ways to Do Things

Lastly, I have found that by mixing things up a bit I have learned new, easier way to do things I do daily or weekly repeatedly.  It can be a time-saver for me in many ways.  Sometimes it also has eliminated having to manually do the task all together!  Plus, learning a new skill allows me to teach a friend it as well.  I find I get a lot of energy from helping my friends and family.

But… There is Extra “Safety” in Living in your Comfort Zone

However, all that said, staying in our comfort zone sometimes is the best option.  Sometimes we need that safety.   At times our outside world is spinning so fast we need the safety and comfort that a “rut,” so to speak offers.   In times like these, I lean into my rut and hold on tight until I feel it’s safe to venture out again.    So, in short, ruts aren’t so bad, but there’s a lot to be said for exploring outside your pattern of daily activities too.

What has been your experience?

Where to you like to sit?  Are you one to mix things up all the time?  Some of the time?  Or do you prefer to stay in your comfort zone?  Is your life hectic enough without proactively venturing out for new things?  Or do you actively seek out change?

32 thoughts on “In Your Comfort Zone or Mixin’ It Up?

  1. I love this, I’m currently going through a possible career change, I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of months and I’m a little scared. This just boosted me up ????

  2. I’ve always had difficulty stepping out from my comfort zone, it’s caused a lot of issue, but I’m trying to improve. I certainly have in some aspects. Like you say, sometimes I need that safety net, but when I do push myself to step out, I always feel good about it.

  3. My life is fairly predictable as I have no drive to ever do anything and we are all creatures of habit, but my life still gets mixed up from time to time

  4. I tend to hang out firmly in my comfort zone, but I’m sure I’d benefit from stepping out and experiencing new things every once in a while!

  5. Honestly tho sometimes staying in your comfort zone is the best but sometimes is isnt. Sometimes we really have to try our best to step out of our comfort zone and experience new things. Great post! Thank you for sharing ❤️

  6. My daily life is very much a comfort zone but I like to switch it up and try new things where possible. It’s very mundane right now during lockdown with very little opportunity to try new things though x


    1. That is awesome Ashley – the benefits really are there and it’s great that you experience them when you go outside your comfort zone. It’s very reinforcing!

  7. I certainly like mix things up and I constantly looking to learn and do different things.

  8. This is such a great post. I must admit that I tend to stay in my comfort zone a lot but I do try to challenge myself to do something different each month too.

  9. Thought provoking post, I suppose I like to be a little different sometimes but equally, I like the security of what I know!

    Em x

  10. Love this post. Comfort zone is your safe place in which you feel like your normal self, but doing something out of your comfort zone requires a lot of confidence. We have to do something to challenge ourselves in order to boost our inner confidence. Thank you for sharing!

  11. I would say I like mixing it up. I love my comfort zone but I also like to open myself up for new adventures or new things sometimes. It’s a good balance to keep.

  12. Love it! I think at home, I like the comfort zone and the stability. I find it comforting to have that with my partner. But pretty much all other aspects of my life I actively seek variety and adventure. I love to try new things, go new places, learn new skills, eat new foods.

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