How do You Learn?

We all learn a bit differently. Some people thrive in certain environments while others thrive in completely different environments. The key really is that we have found our way to learn.

I think that it’s important to remember that we all learn a bit differently.  There is no right or wrong way to learn.   Some people thrive in certain learning environments while others struggle and others thrive in completely oppositive learning environments.  The key really is that we have found our way to learn.

You may be wondering – what does she mean?  Different ways to learn?   What are those ways?  Well, here’s are a few:

Classroom Learning

Some people absorb classroom lectures like sponges and off they go with a head full of knowledge.  This is great for those that have mastered this technique but it doesn’t work for all of us.  For some of us, classroom learning is just an introduction to a topic or just a way to learn the lingo.   It doesn’t go any further than that for us.   It’s the other methods of learning that really drive a topic home for us.

Lucky for us, our teachers have recognized this and have incorporated a variety of learning styles into the classroom for us.  For example, sometimes classes come with a lab component where those of us that are hands-on learners can really dive right in and learn by doing.  Other teachers have assigned students topics to teach the class, giving us the opportunity and motivation to deep dive into a topic ourselves, learning it enough in order to teach others.   These are just a few of the creative methods our instructors have come up with to help those of us that learn a bit differently than others.


Okay, I will admit it, I am that ONE student that learned through reading a chapter repeatedly and highlighting almost every word in the book.  I sat and thought about why I do this once since what good does highlighting everything do?  Then nothing stands out.   But I figured out what it does is it slows me down enough in my reading to absorb the information being shared.   And that caused me to learn!


Who hasn’t used the flashcard method at some point in their educational career?  These are great self-study tools that really do the trick.  They are great to use on the fly – on the train, bus, and walking in to school.   And they work!   How much success we have all had with flashcards at one time or another.

Hands-On Learning

I mentioned it before but I think it’s worth mentioning again. Hands-on learning is absolutely great for those that learn by doing.  And so many of us do learn that way.   To actually touch, manipulate, and construct something helps so many of us figure out how mechanisms work, concepts fit together, and information flows.  It’s an invaluable learning concept.

How do you Learn Best?

Is it through one of the above methods or have you found a difference strategy for success?  We’d love to hear your tricks of the trade, so to speak!


28 thoughts on “How do You Learn?

  1. I’m not sure what level of learning you’re referring to, but in post-secondary studies I am a mixture of classroom and highlighting learning. I’m also a great online learner, preferring to take classes online versus in class whenever possible . As I worked full time in management while completing an undergraduate degree, I wanted to maximize my time in studying versus driving to classes unless there were specific psychomotor skills that needed to be taught and mastered.

  2. I’ve used flashcarfs when I was in gradeschool memorizing the multiplication table. Lol but I think I have an advantage in being a hands on learner. I always find it more exciting and yes learning by doing is actually more fun for me. Hihi thanks for sharing! 💕

  3. I’m definitely a flash cards learner! It’s the only way for me to really be able to remember what I’m learning! I get distracted easily, buy with flash cards I manage to keep my focus for a long period of time. Great post!

  4. I was always a hands-on learner, creating large posters and drawing pictures to memorise content. Incredibly helpful post for those looking for different learning and memorising techniques. Thanks for sharing, Sophie x

  5. For me, it’s all about writing things down. Reading, making notes and diagrams, then reading my own notes and rewriting the key points again were the only ways I could make things stick when I was still in school/ uni x


  6. It always fascinates me to hear about the ways others learn. I’m definitely a read and highlight person, I always struggle to learn through experience, I’d rather read about it haha! Lovely post.

    Anika |

  7. My favorite way to learn is a combination of visual and hands on learning. I like to be shown what to do a few times before I try it myself. I like to study the correct way to do things before I dive right in basically.

  8. Great tips! I feel like it’s important to recognize our own learning styles and how to incorporate them. However, it doesn’t end there. As educators, we also need to consider the different learning styles within our classrooms and do our best to provide options for all of the options. I teach a private music class and that is something that is in my mind constantly.

    1. I completely agree Britt – a good educator needs to recognize the learning styles and needs of their students and try to reach each of them

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