Halloween Isn’t Just for Kids!

Lets bring some levity to this serious year and let our silly side out this Halloween! Halloween really can be a holiday for all ages!

It’s true – Halloween fun can be had by adults, guilt-free!!    It’s a great time to indulge in the creative, fun, silly side of ourselves in a variety of ways!

Family Fun

For example, many families like to dress up in themed outfits.   This not only makes for a fun adventure but can bring families closer as they brainstorm ideas for a theme and the outfits for each character.

I know I’ve had a great time answering the door to a “theme” of characters, having fun trying to guess the theme and who is who!   Fun for the family and fun for the candy givers!


Speaking of which, who doesn’t like candy?  It’s a great time to shop around for candy to give out and perhaps partake in a bit of it yourself!   Plus, isn’t it great to see the smiles on the faces of the kids when they get a Snicker’s bar or a Twix?

There’s also Halloween themed candy, which puts a fun twist on our traditional candy.  Whether it’s M&Ms that are only colored Halloween colors or candy corn, this “new” candy adds to the season.

Home Décor

Halloween can also be such a fun time to decorate our house in creative ways.  Whether it’s ghoulish characters, webbed designs, or other Halloween décor, it’s fun to transition your home into your own mini haunted house!

Some go a step further and decorate their yards.  The creativity I have seen with this has been astonishing!  It really brings out the innovation in people as they come up with creative ways to decorate all aspects of their yard.


Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention pumpkins!  They are great fun to carve – and yet another family fun project.   And, the seeds make for a delicious salty treat!

If you are feeling adventurous and are quite the cook, perhaps a pumpkin pie, muffins or other treats can be made to continue to the mood!

How do you Celebrate Halloween?

Do you decorate the house?  The yard?   Carve pumpkins for all to see?  What’s your favorite part of the holiday?  I know one thing I really enjoy is seeing the little kiddies in their costumes!

18 thoughts on “Halloween Isn’t Just for Kids!

  1. Are there people who think Halloween shouldn’t be for adults? The only real question at the moment is, how do you celebrate it safely during a pandemic?

  2. I totally agree that it’s not just for kids! I always love to eat some candy and watch some scary movies for it too!

  3. Halloween isn’t really a thing where I live, other than a small handful of kids that trick or treat no one really decorates or celebrates but it is fun seeing others get creative with the home decor x


  4. So many of my friends enjoy Halloween and go to scary events and spooky houses. I’m not into it as much but I do like to decorate the house for the occasion.

  5. This year we aren’t really don’t much due to the pandemic, but I’m gonna bake something Halloween themed, and we’re still going to dress up and go to a couple people’s houses that we’ve been allowing ourselves to see with the kids.

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