Grandmas are like little angels that have been sent down into a child’s life to bring joy, love, and happiness. And my Grandma sure did that and more!

I can only speak to my experience with my Grandma, but all I can say is what a treasure she was!  She stayed with us until she was 102 – feisty, fun, and witty as ever.

As a child, she made visits to see her more fun than a person can ever imagine a trip to way up in Minnesota on a cold winter day could be.  She made every moment with her special and she made you feel that you were special just the way you were.

The Candy Drawer

Grandma had a whole drawer in her house dedicated to all sorts of candy.  This was a special drawer.  It wasn’t like the candy at home that you had to ask for before having a piece.  You could sneak a piece of candy anytime no one was in sight.  And Grandma knew this and kept that drawer fully stocked.  Sometimes she would even catch us chewing the candy, and give us a sneaky “approval” wink.

That Wink

There were times that I was a bit naughty when Grandma was around.   Dad would scold me and sometimes I would cry.  But I would always look over at Grandma and she would always have a little smile and a wink for me.  And that would make everything alright.

Grandma’s Lap

Grandma had a big ol’ lap. The kind that as a little kid felt like I was being swallowed up in a big hug.   Whenever you were sad, tired, or needed a little extra love, you knew just where to go – Grandma’s lap.  It was always welcoming and ever-so loving.

And Grandma spread her love to kids that weren’t as lucky me as to have her.  She welcomed my friends onto that loving lap.  She’d give them that special hug of hers that made them feel so special too.

Mail From Grandma

I lived pretty far away from Grandma but that didn’t stop her from staying in touch with us.   Grandma would call us, even though it was long-distance (extra money) back then.  Those calls were also so special and exciting!

She would also send us mail with little notes just for us. And… in every letter was a piece of Juicy Fruit Gum.   Grandma never forgot this treat.  Even though the gum sometimes would shatter into a million pieces in the dead of winter from the cold, she sent us gum.   And I would piece it all back together and chew it with joy!  For it came from Grandma – it was special gum.

Tell Me About Your Grandma

These are just a very few things that made my Grandma special, for one blog article doesn’t do her justice.  But it’s a start.

What role did your Grandma play in your life?  Was she the Grandma that you read about in fairytales like mine?   Or, was she some other type of magical, wonderful being in your life?


22 thoughts on “Grandma

  1. My nana was the best, we’d go to arcades together while everyone else would sun bath our our holiday’s, and was generally the more fun person in the family

  2. My grandma (mom’s mother) is the best! She cooks great food and she is the reason why I gain so much of weight lol. But I am happy to gobble up all the delicacies made by her, and I especially love the desserts whipped up by her. Honestly grandmoms are just the best humans on planet who have the ability to give warmest hugs ever!

  3. Aww this was such a lovely read! And 102 is incredible! I spent a lot of time with my grandparents as a kid as both of my parents worked so I did a lot of the typical parent things with mine. x


  4. I didn’t have the chance to meet my grandmas. But I remember having grandmas in the neighborhood and they treat me like a grandchild. We always have chats and everytime i visit their home, i have a special treat. You are lucky to spend time with your grandma, a lovely story.

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