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24 August 2019 1 comments

A few years ago only the younger generation who are from the engineering background were tech freaks and could understand gadgets. Today everyone owns and enjoys technology. From students of primary school to retired personnel social media, gadgets, technology are part of life.

But many of us do overspend on the same and end up thinking do we really need to do this. Well, you definitely deserve to enjoy all the new facilities around. And why not? But there is a way to do it. I sat down and jotted down areas where we are found unnecessarily spending on few of these things.

My first thought went on music.  To curb paid music best way is to shift to Amazon Prime. In addition Amazon prime also gives you free delivery on the same day or next day of all amazon products ordered. I love Amazon for the discounts it has and the product assurance it gives. In addition the benefits of sale, return policy, movies, series etc. are commendable. No wonder it is the most valuable company in the world and its owner is the richest man alive. Like Amazon Prime for movies, videos and series you can also go in for Netflix, Zee 5 or Hotstar ; depending on what you like.

The most important gadget in all of our lives is our mobile phone. Well, you may be also reading me here with the mobile phone. Cancel  your home phone services and switch to cell services fully. I have chosen Jio for both cell phone as well as broadband services. Jio giga fibre is a great broadband service with Jio TV also coming along. And trust me like the Jio cell phone services which all of us know it is also not expensive. I am just slightly unhappy with the customer care of Jio as complaints can’t be lodged easily.

A very important life discipline to inculcate is to switch off power appliances, lights, fans etc when not in use. While few years back this was to be informed now I think this line is equal to god fearing prayers. Conserving energy is the need of the hour and sustainable living is the term. (Could not resist in putting it as a highlight) also as the light bulbs in your house burn out, replace them with CFL bulbs.

Further other than mobile phones, the next thing which is very much part of our lives is our vehicles. Then a luxury now a necessity. Well I still believe cars and two wheelers need to be categorized as luxury. Because making the right use of public transport or car pooling will save a lot of money. In addition the time you take to reach your place is the same with the traffic and the conditions of the road. I take the Mumbai local trains and I enjoy them.

Therefore, two things to remember if you own a car and want to save some money is either change your own car’s oil or purchase oil at a discount to have it  changed for less; and purchase your own part for car repairs and attempt easier fixes on your own using Youtube videos or mechanically inclined friend’s help

I am sure you too have in the course of life realized a few tips which I may not be aware of. Please write to me about the same as I can share it with our other friends as well.

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Author: Pearl Sequeira
 Pearl Sequeira is a Chartered Accountant and a Blogger helping people to live life simple and happy with practical tips. She also runs her own blog

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One thought on “Curb your tech cost just by looking around your place

  1. Gayleen says:

    Use comparison websites for energy suppliers! This is a must. Also for any renewal I do this!

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