Binge-Watching Television: Okay or Too Much?

What are your thoughts about binge watching television? Too much or okay? Does it come at any costs for you or have you found the right balance?

I’ve always been an each to their own kind of person so I’m not here to judge anyone’s choices.  If it’s working for you and not having any negative or unhealthy side effects, then I say go for it.

So let’s talk about this in the context of television!  I think it’s when it comes at a cost that one needs to re-evaluate how much time they are watching television.  What is it pulling you away from? Is it causing damage or a loss to these things?


One big area that binge-watching television can affect is one’s relationships.   A question to ask may be:  Are you watching television alone or building a bond together with someone as you share in the laughs of a show?

If you are watching alone and this time is coming at the cost of your relationships perhaps more balance in your life is needed.   One thing I always say is that people come first over things.   If you have a relationship that is suffering because of your binge-watching maybe it’s time to spend more time with that person.  Or even ask them to join you in a movie night or two.

Work and Homework

The other big area that we always want to be careful about is our making sure television watching isn’t affecting our priorities, whether those priorities are related to school or work.  Is your television bingeing affecting you meeting work deadlines or getting assignments in on time?  If so, perhaps it’s worthwhile to set aside time for these things first before turning on the television.

But It’s So Easy….

It is incredibly easy to start binge watching a show and not stop for hours.   And before you know it the afternoon is gone and your project is not done.   Oftentimes, I try to compromise with myself if I really feel the need to binge-watch a show.  I put it on while I work if it’s a show I can tangentially watch while diligently working away.  It’s sort of my win-win.  I find it’s quite easy to pause a show then when there comes a time in my project for deep concentration.

What about you?

What are your thoughts about binge watching television?  Do you feel the pull or desire to do it? Has it come at a cost for you or have you managed to find a healthy balance between that and your other work?


40 thoughts on “Binge-Watching Television: Okay or Too Much?

  1. I think this 100% depends on your lifestyle and how binge watching fits into it. I don’t watch TV that often, but when I do I like to be a bit behind with a show so I can watch several episodes in one go. It can definitely be unhealthy but it doesn’t have to be x


  2. I agree with this post. Everything is okay as long as it’s done in moderation and within reason.

  3. It is not often we binge watch any TV. I really thought when lock down was announced that we would just watch TV all day long but we don’t touch it at all in the day, the occasional episode of friends but I am just too busy really.

    I think there is definitely room for both. The hour my partner and I spend of a week night watching TV is one of our favourite times of the day, just being with each other, we love it because it is simply just US time.

  4. I tend to binge watch. Had a stomach ailment & was stuck at home on couch for long stretches. Developed an affinity for Netflix series. No ads, interruptions.

  5. I’m not really a binge watcher overall but I definitely have a couple of shows that I like to watch a few episodes in a row of! I think it depends on if it’s a show that everyones watching. There’s always spoilers online for big series’ so I often feel pressured into binge watch them before I see the spoilers! x

  6. I love sports, but other than football, I had never been a TV watcher. I didn’t even own one. But my current partner is a big time TV watcher. She watches more than me, bit we do have certain shows we watch together. This is our cuddle and unwind time before bed after we’ve finished all our tasks for the day, which I do enjoy. And lately we’ve been watching more educational shows on the Nat Geo channel which I like even more.

  7. I think binge watching is fine, but it can become a problem as well. The only time I ever binge watch is when I plan to binge watch and catch up on shows and Youtube videos I’ve missed. I feel like I’m too busy these days to binge on a constant basis lol

  8. I had never really binge watched tv until I had my son. We exclusively breastfed, which adds up to a lot of time sitting staring off into space and during that time fellow mom friends suggested watching tv. It worked, I got a few minutes of idle pleasure, which help me to relax and produce better. Now, as a general rule, no, I don’t agree with excessive tv watching, but in some cases, it can be useful.

    1. I agree about there’s a time and place – and balance needed for this. otherwise it can be all-consuming at the cost of other things.

  9. These days everyone has a smart phone. So in my opinion not many must be watching tv like before! In my case the tv is on for the kid but we hardly watch it!

  10. I don’t binge watch, my wife does, sort of 🙂 BTW, she only does it on her spare time after she’s done with her chores at home.

  11. I think growing up in the TV era made it easy to learn how to balance TV time. I’ve always multitasked while watching TV. When I was little, cartoons were always on in the background while I played with my toys. When I was a teenager, I put on MTV while I did my homework. Now, I put a movie on while I work on the computer. I think as long as you’re not totally immersed in what’s on the screen all day long, you can balance it well.

  12. My husband and I binge watch together, which I think is better than us doing it alone. I’m sure we could use our time better, but I love to just veg out in front of the tv sometimes!

  13. I say it kind of depends if you only do it twice a week and in intervals, I think it might be okay as long its not getting in the way of the most important stuff

  14. Normally when I binge watch a show, it is with my boyfriend in the evenings after I finished my work for the day & he’s home from work. The rest of the time I’ll watch an episode while eating lunch so I don’t binge watch during the day.

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