Being Kinder During These Stressful Times


Joseph Meyer

20 July 2020 1 comments

The panic in today’s world is off the charts it seems with the current events of COVID-19, high unemployment and pure instability. Now I can only speak for the United States as this is a global situation. Since our lives have been rocked in the US with over 140,000 deaths, many due to COVID-19 has left me with some very raw emotions and anger at these times.

It appears anytime we turn on the TV, go online it’s pretty gloom and doom and I ask myself how am I suppose to have peace in my life during these times. I get that it’s difficult to have joy in these times knowing things appear to be getting worse.

My intention is obliviously not to add to the panic and scare of that is going on, but to say that one day this will end and we will go back to life as we know it. Now I can’t say if our lives will be the same, many have lost family and friends whose life will never been the same.

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For those who live in the United States the news is also filled with anger, protests, riots society seems to becoming unhinged over being home, being told to wear a mask and constantly watching the ticker of deaths go up daily. But add to that we have great division among each of us at times and I also see that hate is on the rise, crime increasing and it’s a scary sight.

So in today’s ever changing world how can we have some peace for ourselves and family, here are some ways.

  1. Turn Off the Tube

The Tube is probably one of the biggest reasons we are being robbed of our peace causing many to have higher anxiety and depression. I understand we all want to stay informed of the times, but let’s remember one thing, COVID-19 and the stability of our nations is not going to happen over night especially since we have No vaccine as of yet.

Whether your watching the local news, CNN, Fox whatever it maybe we have to remember television has a purpose, one could be to deliver your local news, others are for entertainment and ultimately it is all about viewership, the more the better.  I think all too often people confuse facts with opinions where many who deliver information deliver as fact when in fact its not.

  1. Limit Social Media Intake

Almost with the same as television social media has a different effect on our information intake as many use it not just for information but to spread mis-information with millions of opinions it can be very overwhelming. Social media I consider it to be a tool and like any tool can be used for good or bad as there many bad characters looking to persuade us to their view causing many to inadvertently spread information true and false.

  1. Focus on the Good

What is the good in your life, family, friends, your church, school? This can be a time to focus on them although we may not be able to see them every day, but what we can do is build connections with those our life and reconnect.

People are hurting right now for that reason feeling isolated and alone as if they have no one that truly cares because frankly we are all going through something.  Social media can be a good tool for this or even a simple text message with words of love and appreciation.  Let’s all make an effort to try harder at connecting.

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  1. Keep your distance

I know we still have many who truly believe COVID is not a threat to themselves or their family, but lets respect the rules of keeping our distance. Now it’s understandable that can be difficult at times but let’s just try harder. Let’s put aside situations that cause us to be in close proximity like parties, family gatherings, political rally’s and anywhere else.

  1. Wear a mask

This is by far one of the biggest contentions of society the refusal to wear a mask, because frankly they don’t believe it will have any effects over the prevention of getting the virus. Let’s all agree COVID is new and information about it is still developing, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t respect the rules. There have been so many arguments over the use of mask and their effectiveness due to mis-information, people’s belief systems and even the lack of promotion from our own leaders.

  1. Be Kind to others

This may be something many may say well of course I am going to be kind, why wouldn’t I until they cross someone else’s ideals or beliefs they don’t agree it and then kindness goes out the window.  As mention this situation is difficult for ALL so couldn’t we all be a little more or a lot more kind to each other.

  1. Follow the rules

The rules are meant to help us all, its not political or is there some special agenda, which is where many tend to create conspiracy theories. This is one area that I guess I can not understand especially in today’s world.

Why would anything think anyone would want COVID to be around, why would anyone want high unemployment or deaths, logic appears to go out the window for many arguments and no truth to it.  Yes, most of us don’t like being told what to do such as wear a mask, social distance, stay home and so it goes now. But last time I check our society has never experienced anything like this recently, the last time being in 1918 Spanish flu.

  1. Protect your little ones

Kids are the future and we must ALL do our part to protect their bodies and minds from harm and in my opinion, we are doing a horrible job. As adults we have a responsibility to model good morals and behavior.

Our children may not truly know what is going on and to a degree that’s ok, let’s have kids be kids and stop trying to force them to grow up quickly. Yes we are in unprecedented times, but many kids truly don’t know that there is an invisible virus reeking damage, heck most of us adults don’t fully understand, why risk it.

  1. Do your research

As mentioned, it is my opinion there is the possibility of misinformation on the web and even on television, make sure you check facts. We should all remember that science has proven to be the most accurate but let’s understanding nothing is 100% guarantee especially with COVID.  There are many good sources of good information in your respective country, state and city so rely on that for the best information.

Stay Positive and Be Kind!

For those who have gotten to the end know my intention is never to tell you what to do, that is your choice, but in hopes that we all come together. For those who have lost someone to this terrible virus I am deepest condolences.

We will prevail in this fight, but in the end, we will lose if we do not be kinder to each, work together, respect each other and at the end of day come out better. I know it may be hard to see the light right now but it’s there, let us stay positive and focused. A lot is happening right especially here in the United States where are future leader will be chosen, so the stakes are high.


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  1. It never hurts to be a little kinder to people – especially during challenging times like these. It really is the small things that make the difference : )

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