Remembering things that hurt

Since I am working on this on September 11, I felt called to speak about past trauma. That being said, if this topic calls to mind something that is too painful for you to think about, I am applying a trigger warning to this post. I would hate to cause […]

5 Healthy Sleep Habits

Do you struggle with healthy sleep? Do you find yourself waking up feeling tired? Or possibly, you just can’t fall asleep at night? I am currently struggling to find healthy sleep, so I felt compelled to write a post about healthy sleep habits. Since I am walking this journey myself, […]

7 Tips for a Struggling Empath

Do you find yourself feeling too much? Do you watch TV and relate to the characters on a deep level? If this is the case, you might be an empath. Unsure if this applies to you? Highly Sensitive Refuge lists 13 classic traits of an empath. 13 Signs You Are […]

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