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MyNeedToLive is a free digital Community Interest Company for 16-24-year olds packed with relevant, impartial and topical content created by young people, for young people. We believe the future of business should be Purpose Before Profit. Join us, as we support young people, developing the skills they need to face […]

Motivation? Even pro athletes need a push

Let’s face it, getting motivated can be tricky. Especially when it could mean getting out of our pyjamas. Motivational gurus and talking heads will preach about how to unlock secrets to push you forward. For the most part it’s white noise signalling the same message – ‘it’s within you, you just […]


Get Involved Each week #PotatoPete will come up with fun and creative activities to help increase awareness to people who need support during this time. #PotatoPals Using Hashtag #PotatoPals, create a video of your potato pal.  Are they a Singer, Dancer, An All Time Actor? Post you videos on Twitter, […]

Proud to be a social enterprise

Louise Daniel

We are proud to announce we are now a Community Interest Company. What is a Community Interest Company? A Community Interest Company (CIC) is a type of social enterprise. Our stated mission, known as a community interest statement lays out a clear definition of our aims and objectives. This means […]

6 Ways to Effectively Design Your Startup Store

CLOE Matheson

Deciding to launch your own store as a young adult is an exciting but daunting challenge. You may have a great business idea but you’re not sure where to start. There are many factors to consider when starting your store. The retail industry is evolving as customers lean more towards […]

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