Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU!

Valentine’s Day… bouquets of roses, boxes of chocolates, romantic cards….. Love is in the air and happiness seems to be oozing from every place you go and everywhere you look. In reality though, any love that you will find outside of your house is not as important as making sure you have self-love and that you are taking care of yourself. While Valentine’s Day has been commercialized into a day all about couples and gifts from others, don’t forget about the most important gift. The gift you can give yourself that day and every day. All the self-care, love, and attention you deserve.

Why Should You Learn A New Skill?

Gayleen Hodson

In a world that is always finding new short cuts to do things quicker, I believe it’s important to go back to old practices. It may seem daunting and time consuming, but believe me, learning a new skill is fun and rewarding. It is not only good for your brain […]

Five of My Favourite Reads From 2019

Amy Jackson

I got back into reading a few years ago, and I found that it’s been really effective in helping me with my anxiety. I find that if I’m in an endless anxiety spiral, picking up a book is actually super helpful. It means I have to focus on what I’m […]

How to Build Your Self-Confidence


Building your self-confidence can be difficult when you start university. You are finding your place in a new location with a new group of people. In times of change, self-confidence can drop, leaving us anxious and hesitant, fuelling our inner critic. However, there are ways to counteract this. Step Out […]

Monica Lewinsky – The Price Of Shame

Social Media has created a “culture of humiliation” with cyberbullying now a constant in our digital lives. We all make mistakes in our early 20’s, but what happens when those mistakes are broadcast across all social media? Social media has seen an increase in public humiliation, cyber bullying, and trolling, […]

Sparks of Joy

Essential!   To identify them, seek them out, and fully enjoy them.  It is imperative to remember the value happiness and these extra sparks of joy can bring to our lives. Many of us know what brings happiness to our lives.   It may be time with family and friends, enjoying a new book, or […]

When the Ball Drops…

What do you do when the ball drops on your life?  When you lose your job?  Your significant relationship ends? Your family is going through extremely challenging times?  When everything seems to come crashing down on you? Does life halt in those moments for you?  Do you stop everything you […]

Don’t Suffer in Silence

More and more people are talking about mental health which is fantastic, not too long ago we were told to ‘stiffen that upper lip’ or worse yet, ‘man up’. These are two sayings that I despise, thankfully though people are opening up more and talking about their feelings and what […]

Is Crying a Sign of Weakness?

Quite to the contrary, crying is a sign of strength.  Letting ourselves be a little vulnerable and giving ourselves that release is not only a sign of confidence, strength and bravery, it’s also quite healthy. I’ve often heard the phrase real men don’t cry.  To me, the better phrase is […]

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