#Nominee Paul Hamby


Nominee Paul Hamby Nominated by PAMELA HAMBY Would love to nominate my lovely hubby Paul for always working hard to provide for us. He’s a cemetery ranger so digs graves, walks funerals down, lowers if needs be, buries ashes, sees to all the flowers and grass etc At such a […]

#Nominee Steve Hill


Nominee Steve Hill Nominated by Diana Heywood A local teacher who has been in school quite a lot during lockdown taking care of vulnerable children and Keyworkers children. In the evenings he has been setting work for is own class to complete the following day and marking work done.  In […]

Governing Projects Successfully

Morgan Orioha

No doubts, when projects are governed successfully, the project manager and rest of the project stakeholders deliver successfully. Excellent governance ensures projects are delivered to time, cost, quality, and budget. Project governance creates effective escalation routes and defines delegated limits of authority for issues and change requests. ITIL framework’s incident, […]

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